Cool Animal Prints – 20 Ideas, How You Animal Prints In Your Home Design Using

cool animal prints bed gorgeous bed Bank zebra rugCool animal prints – 20 ideas on how to use animal prints in your home design

Cool animal prints make for bold colors and excitement in your room. Leopard, Zebra, Tiger and Cheetah prints can be used for the decoration of your room. Each color plate in question… and any material comes. Fur, velour, cable can be used for a wonderful impression.

Animal prints turn out to be amazing decoration

cool animal prints bed red picture desk wall tiling Leopard

But so that you make the most of it, you need to use them with caution. Do you accept a few tips? They are down!

Cool animal prints – what animals are suitable for the design

1 Leopard, Zebra, Tiger and Cheetah pattern are great decoration.

2. fur, velour, cable can be used for a wonderful impression.

3. cover your furniture, carpets and bed covers with cool fabrics.

In the bedroom is no more than a piece of animal preprints

cool animal prints white bed bedroom linen lamp

Don’t overdo it

The animal prints can be very dominant. Therefore no more than a piece of it is advisable in the bedroom. Be in this respect more conservative, because otherwise is relaxed the atmosphere much too little. You can apply the print with the animal on a wall. The remaining neutral walls will highlight this wall.

Zebra stripes are used together with Leopard accents on the bed

cool animal prints green Leoprad bed lamp

Choose the best fabrics

Can be created from various materials animal prints. In the bedroom, use the best you can afford. This will make the room seem abundant.

Neutral shades seem attractively

cool animal prints carpet bed bed Bank

Provide a bold focal point by your duvet

One of the best animal is the head of prints. This can be complemented by decorative pillows. I would use for example a zebra stripes with bright accents on the bed.

Leopard prints bring peace of mind in the bedroom

cool animal prints Leopard bed linen lamp

Cover the chairs with animal preprints

Decorate the room with upholstered chairs by bold animal prints. In this case, the bold colors on the remaining chairs are highly recommended. So the focus is hevorheben.

Carpets with animal preprints decorate perfectly each room

cool animal prints bed linen lamp chandelier

Carpets with animal preprints

Place a rug with Leopard, Zebra or Cheetah footprint on the ground. This is one of the lightest in the decoration. You will look always down… Decide how bad this is for you! In this case, the use should be brought by animal preprints in the rest rooms on the minimum but in my opinion.

You want to more living in your House, but you have no time for a pet! Put on the animal prints to quench the desire! Who knows whether you will have then don’t at some point of time and space for a pet. Do you want cool animal prints at home?

cool animal prints bed bedroom carpet racks relax in this cosy atmospherecozy and fancycool animal prints bed lamp imagemake for a bold focal point by your duvet

Zebra rugs can be seen often in the modern interior cool animal prints bed bed base lamp of cool animal prints bed carpet as it would be with a wall covering with animal preprints? cool animal prints pillows wall panel bedlike animal patterns? cool animal prints light cushion bed imagecreate a charming atmosphere in the bedroomcool animal prints sofa bed chandelier wall panel cool animal prints bed picture bed Bank an art wall sets here the accentan eclectic Interiorcool animal prints bed Chair bed bank shelves Zebra prints as wall decoration cool animal prints carpet bed image Zebra


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