Comfortable And Chic Loft In An Open Dallas Loft

comfortable chic loft coffee table sofaComfortable and chic loft

I’ll try to describe the situation in this apartment with the following phrase: is a block with an open floor plan and high ceilings in the shell of a historic house in white-run completely. This was a wonderful outcome for modern design. In parallel, the desire of integration of some historical elements played a very important role. Are here specifically to the concrete beams, exposed brick and the exposed plaster cast. You could edit the latter due to the monument protection rule.

Gem-like colours, faux fur pillows and the Velvet fabrics

comfortable chic loft sofa vase table

The designer Underwood has a wonderful response to these elements through the use of gem-like colours, faux fur pillows and the Velvet substances found. As a result it is received now already the heat at the entrance of the apartment.

The warmth of the apartment

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By various movable objects, Underwood constantly changed the appearance of the Interior.

In the picture here, you can see a table consisting of a reused mirror and a metal base. Two plates were converts to a high-gloss black and white enamelled work. To these he added some white vortex.

In the kitchen to cook like

comfortable chic loft kitchen table

One of the first DIY projects were the strips in the living room. The white provided for deeper dimensions in space. Thus he wanted to bring more momentum into the room, without adding too many pictures and decorations on the walls.

Next, the designer has added some great pieces of furniture. He has therefore opted for the single impression to the detriment of the fragmentary appearance. He showed also his taste for the rich and deep colors such as chocolate and Burgundy. The enrichment provided by decorative pillows is also one of his favorite projects.

The late mother of the designer has created this unique furniture pieces for him. They had achieved still together the project of the dark blue Chair.

The designer has added some great pieces of furniture

comfortable chic loft table vase

Underwood has found the table, which now serves as a display area, in an old market and purchased for himself. In the kitchen he has added no renewals. On the cheap IKEA Shelves, he has gained space for a few glasses of wine.

He has a banner from a business. This he has padded and covered with geometric shapes.

In the bedroom, Underwood has opted for warmer Tongebungen. So you can relax by the strong and impressive colors in the remaining facilities. Now he can sit there just relaxed according to his own words, and observe the movement of the people on the street.

In the bedroom you can relax quietly

comfortable chic Loft bed bedroom

We want to look at the figure with the decorative white Panel? This ensures an artistic aspect to the bedroom. By going out of the frame and the use of such elements does not necessarily to their original function, he creates not only wonderful designs, but tried to save too much money.

A decorative white Panel provides an artful aspect in the bedroom

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The living wood floors are a project that is really important to the designer. This was done even before moving into the apartment.

The open roof apartments offer all too much private atmosphere. But according to the designer, you can benefit from it. The warehouses erlaubenden insights are fit in such a context, and that’s why you need to hide anything!

The living wood floors are a project that is really important to the designer

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Incidentally, one is much more motivated to the tidying and cleaning.

The projects like everything else in this House are open to guests. These are left in the apartment before the finished State. This makes for an eclectic and different look.

An eclectic and alternate appearance

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Range of recessed also serves as an Office for many meetings. The entire room is tidy and is still successfully used as a work surface.

The brown sofa completes the ambience in the apartment

comfortable chic loft Brown couch pillow

Do you like the temperament of this designer? For people who quickly put things behind him, his style is just perfect, I think. He himself says that he reluctantly realized a work with too much time spent. An idea is implemented quickly. Thus arose about the home improvement by Strip. This has he made fast and easy color and other ready made any painting after. Would you recommend this one other friends or acquaintances with the appropriate mentality that is more your style?

Bernard Underwood’s

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