Color Ideas-apartment – The Chemistry Of Autumn Colors

autumnal Interior fresh color combination

Color ideas apartment in the mood of autumn

We bring certain colour with certain seasons in relationship. The flowering plants and trees determine the winter, green heaven – spring, chestnut of tree trunks – the summer. But what are the shades, we can call the fall colors? Let’s look at this from the point of view of science. Then, we know exactly what traces we must select to run our homes in authentic colors of autumn. In this article we give you a few color ideas home; Use this to achieve an attractive look in your home!

Coloured cushion in autumn tones

colour ideas apartment living room color

The leaves leave their green shades this season. A beautiful range of yellow and Orange drops down to the ground. But how did this change come about? We have them to thank the leaf green (chlorophyll). Because it absorbs the remaining traces and remains only green. The leaves have about this but only if you have lots of Sun and light. Because these conditions are not present in the autumn, the leaves lose their green nuance.

Yellow carpet

living room yellow carpet colored sofa

Orange cushion, blanket and lamps

bedroom Interior orange brown

Pale yellow walls

color ideas apartment bedroom colors

Beautiful yellow sofa and yellow accessories

living ideas autumn colors yellow living room

Many different shades will appear. This is a carotene. This is between yellow and yellow-green. Such leaves are much dominant as the green. That’s why they are easier to see than the green shades. Antocianinen are the other groups of pigments. They absorb the colors up to the yellow. So that leaves only the reddish nuances .

Green shades

color ideas home Grün Weiß

Dining room with red elements

living ideas autumnal orange brown

As it is, the autumn colors of the light and the temperature are very heavily dependent on. If you observe more closely, you would notice differences from year to year. So, the design of your House every time can be a bit different… It can refer to the current season. She can represent an ideal or show but the nostalgia for the last year.

You looked times from outside your window? What is the autumn this year? You like the combinations, which nature has chosen for us this year? Would you like to fit these autumn colors at your home well?

Place a yellow sofa in the living room

living room yellow sofa lamp

Yellow wall decoration in the living room

color ideas apartment living room yellow walls

Furniture in yellow and Brown carpet wonderful combination

bedroom design yellow sofa Brown carpet

Orange and pink? It goes!

bedroom design orange pink

Nice pattern of the bed headboard

bedroom Interior bed headboard autumnal

Yellow Wallpaper

bedroom Interior autumn colors yellow grey

Yellow side table and ceiling in shades of autumn

bedroom Interior autumn colors combine

Carpet Strip

living ideas autumnal carpet Chair

Yellow and light green

living room yellow sofa design fresh

An amazingly beautiful combination between red and orange

living room design orange red

Orange Interior elements

color ideas interior design ideas living room Orange tones

Green cushion on the dining room sofa

dining room design yellow green