Bold Colors – Colors Bring Spirited Atmosphere In A House In Georgia

daring colour paint Steuerwagen living room fireplace mural

Bold colours for a lively ambiance

Designer Jenna large is crazy about colors. That’s why she called your company Colordrunk designs. When it came at some point that she had to make their own house in Georgia, she chose their favorite color, to create a House, prevail in which elegance and playfulness.

The House at a glance

Who lives here: Jenna and Caleb Gross, whose daughters and two dogs

Place of residence: Decatura, Georgia

Size: 362 M², 5 bedrooms, 5 1/2 bathroom

Year of construction: 1981

Photos: Iran Watson

Colors bring spirited atmosphere

daring colour paint Steuerwagen living room

Jenna is a blend of the fictional community of Mayberry and the real city of Berkeley, California called Decatur.

We have something to do with a small city with cosmopolitan appeal. It is filled with great houses from the 1920s. But the building, which built it together with her husband, comes out with its unique style from the 1980s. You can see here triangular Windows, cheap metal facilities and forms, it talks about love. They have redesigned it so that they look like the others on the road.

Jenna has added to traditional moulds along with fun colors and fabrics. The designer tells: “I love the colors, because they make really happy the House and the people in this. I always knew that I would like to use more of it”.

It also shows the substances in the curtains.

Caleb is the Cook in the family and that’s why she picked male gray blue light for the facilities. On the walls you have Benjamin Moore’s Wythe blue used. Two sets of bright-colored Café revive the room curtains.

Designer Jenna Gross says: “I love the colors, because they make really happy the House and the people in this.”

daring colour paint Steuerwagen cuisine kitchen island hardwood floors

The kitchen is two steps away from the living room. There have already been a sunken living room and one has decided to get this. I love the openness, but I also like to hide the kitchen before guests. The sunken living room makes it possible to have it both ways it me. “

The living room and the kitchen are visually separated by the wall color

daring colour paint Steuerwagen kitchen Kücheninse

The dining area in the kitchen is the place where the family eats and the girls do their chores. I like to spend time in the kitchen, so I can see here and in the living room the children.

Warm colors such as yellow and orange promote digestion and therefore are often the dining area used in

bold color design dining room Dinette design yellow orange

Jenna created a pantry separating the kitchen from the dining room. My husband loves to have a place where he outsources things and collecting drinks for the parties.

A transition room that serves as a bar and storage room

daring colour design bar bar counter cupboards tiled wall

The pantry leads to the dining room, where Jenna picked a color palette, which on Herend Queen Victoria China collection is based, it has collected over many years. Bright pink cloth represents a fascinating background for the portrait of her father. At the same time, the gold and white wallpaper resembles a wonderful wrap for the China collection.

Color game! -You find this color mixing succeeded, or is it?

bold color design dining room wall color wallpapers upholstered chairs pattern

Jenna loves the Southern traditions and adheres to it. She has represented this by bed pillows and duvet with a monogram. She says that she no longer knows how everything started, but your mother laughs, she will certainly receive this set if she divorced once.

A quiet and harmonious color palette in the bedroom

daring colour wall color blue bedroom curtain swatch

This turquoise and Marinrenblau the designer is considering a move, although many other people do that. Whose opinion they can all use

The master bathroom has a wash basin. She says that she has the heart of a typical young girl. She is also the mother of two. I wanted to have a place where I can have my own room.

Stylish color accents in the bathroom

bold colour schemes bathroom chair wall tiles

It is that not everyone will share her sense of color in clear. Jenna has equipped the rooms with neutral shades. She has but very clearly shown their true color nature, has created a wall equipped in Chinese style and covered them with Lulu DK fabrics.

Bed and breakfast in neutral tones – Browns and Greens

daring colour paint Brown bedroom carpet green

Jenna wanted to make a daybed in the room of her 3-year-old child. The market out of a headboard but impossible in this case.

Maid’s room completely in dark pink

bold color design nursery pink pink orange yellow

Both girls, of which one is the 1-year-old Lottie, sharing a bathroom. Jenna really hoping that the second child is also a girl, so the pink decoration works really well. The black-white wall wallpaper is used as a soothing element for the electric color.

Stylish bath little girl – Wandtapette with black pattern pink lockers and towels

bold colour schemes bathroom wallpaper pattern cabinets Rosa

The family room is painted in green. This is also the favorite color of Jenna. The striped, multi-colored carpet is ideal, that you notice any stains. Here, Jenna has padded the surface of a game master to make this as an additional seating option.

It may not be fresh and lively

bold colour scheme of green wall paint living room sofa beige

The washroom represents only a part of the family room. There the clothes can be washed and folded, while the children play.

Not find it Steuerwagen and silver – a great color combination?

daring colour cabinets Steuerwagen white silver washing machine

All rooms are set around the room. It’s a strategic move.

Do you also love colors? Like to place this in the center of your home design? Hopefully the ideas of Jenna could assist then.