Blue Color Palette For The Interior Of Your Home

blue color palette red cushion table bedside table lamp image

Blue color palette

Choose shades of blue for your rooms, which will certainly brighten up your mood.

How to find the primary color palette?

Blue + red + yellow

This color combination is usually in the living room. Dramatic blue walls, red furnishings, yellow pillow…

Who loves a dreamy color scheme?

blue color palette Lavender Purple Blau chandelier couch table gorgeous living room

Sky blue + lavender

Pastel blue fits well with soft Lavender accessories. Various green textures and soft purple accents complete the ambiance.

Cook like an inviting colourful kitchen!

blue color palette kitchen island bar stool chandeliers kitchen sink

Cool complementary colors

Blue grey + Tangerine + dark red

A blue-grey painted kitchen island is in the trendy kitchen.

What is a soft color scheme?

blue color palette sofa white Cabinet chandelier

Bright blue + peach + white

A bathroom full of soft blue hues provides for your relaxation.

The marble bath contrasts with the pasellfarbenen blue walls. The circular peach-colored floor tiles are remarkable.

How can one create high-energy color palette?

blue color palette table chandelier curtains patterned Chair Cabinet

Navy Blue + saffron yellow

The blue and white patterned chairs and curtains fit perfectly with the yellow walls.

Blue and Red cushions adorn the living room

blue color palette red blue cushion table picture dog

Feminine color scheme

Sky blue + pink

The combination of blue walls and pink accessories creates a lovely feminine atmosphere in the living room. Rosa add warmth to blue shades of the walls on the cushions and other decorative elements.

A stylish bathroom ensures your well-being

blue color palette bathroom tiles toilet tank lamp sink green

Watery blue + yellow

Shimmering blue tiles lend the bathroom style.

Do you like to have a boyish color scheme?

blue color palette bed young bedding nightstand

Denim Blue + cherry red

A blue carpet looks great in combination with neutral white walls and Red accessories.

Funny fresh colors look very inviting in this living room

blue color palette white couch green purple screen table

Eclectic color palette

Electric blue + Orchid + light green

Refresh the neutral furniture by colorful walls and accessories.

Silver items in the bedroom look stunning

blue color palette bed bedroom lamp night table image bedding

Luxury color scheme

Steel blue + silver + Pearl

Steel blue fits great to silver-gray and Pearly accents.

How to create an optimistic color palette?

blue color palette fireplace sofa yellow table carpet stool living room

Shades of the blue + lemon yellow

Several shades of blue mixed with lemon yellow accents.

Nature inspired many interior designers

blue color palette fireplace white sofa table wood image patterned carpet

Colors inspiring by nature

Ocean blue + red + leafy green

Green and blue are a natural pairing, sky and trees. Coral compensates for these cool colors.

A traditional kitchen is equipped with a blue kitchen island

blue color palette kitchen island bar stool chandelier cooker white Cabinet sink

Cobalt + Black + White

A classic combination…

Do you prefer a fine Wohnzimmerinterior?

blue color palette white sofa case mirror fireplace table cushion couch

Fine color scheme

English Blue + rose beige

Demanding furnishings

blue color palette chandelier flower table Chair lamp

Rich color palette

Sky blue + mahogany

Create a sophisticated combination of saturated colors.

A comfortable seating area with blue and white sofas

blue color palette white blue sofa table closet books

Denim + Brown

These colors lend warmth and style the living room

blue color palette rug red blue couch pillow sofa lamp

All-American colors

Blue + red + white

Mix different shades of blue, red and white.

How can you use the nautical color scheme in the Interior?

blue color palette bed bedroom pictures nightstand

Ocean blue + white + red

White walls, blue elements and Red furnishings give warmth to the room.

Citrus yellow, green and sky blue prove a great combination

blue color palette couch brown yellow pillow Blau table lamp living room picture shelves

Family-friendly color scheme

Blue + grass green

Stylish blue wall covering

blue color palette Panel Cabinet wood flowers umbrella

Pfauenblau + blue + white

Have you already chosen your favorite color scheme?

blue color palette chandelier table picture black white Chair

A retro color scheme is sky blue, ebony, and ivory.