Barrier-free Living In The Wood Bungalow – Benefits At A Glance

barrier-free residential wood bungalow luxury home set up

Barrier-free living in the wood bungalow

More and more homeowners and those who want to become one, recognize the importance of barrier-free living. Especially the bungalow convinced especially families with small children and seniors up to physically limited persons. For all of them, this type of House is ideal. Convinces not only the functionality, in addition it is the rustic flair and the cosy atmosphere, admire the lovers of wooden bungalows .

barrier-free residential wood bungalow luxury home

The advantages at a glance

Wooden bungalow has quite a lot to offer. This construction method has the following arguments:

-Better accessibility can be implemented through the ground-level design

-It’s a sustainable construction

-An rapid establishment of the wooden bungalows is possible

-The raw material of wood ensures a healthy room climate

With the use of wood, it decides at the same time for an eco-friendly construction. Because the natural material is of high value. Ranging from construction work to the subsequent cover of the wooden bungalows the Builder consistently benefited from the advantages of this type of houses.

barrier-free residential wood bungalow Luxury House open living room

Considerations for barrier-free living

Who produces today, should also think of tomorrow. This applies especially to those who currently are still dependent on a barrier-free home , but accordingly wish to prepare their house. For barrier-free living in a bungalow is a common practice that the living spaces are designed very open and many barriers already accounted for this way.

Following measures , care must be taken in the planning of the wooden bungalows:

1. wider doors include:

Who just invested in a wider door when building a House, thus cheaper comes off as if it must be retrofitted later. About the front door should have at least a width of 90 cm.

2. door fittings, light switches, Sockets:

To provide a barrier-free living, light switch, Bell and others in a comfortable height of 85 cm should be attached. Also an intercom with ring is useful.

3. good motorable roads:Doors and corridors should be planned so that a wheelchair or a Walker can this happen without conditions. Sharp angles, about also in sidings or storage rooms, impairing the independence of the householder.

4. walk-in shower:

The bathroom requires many adjustments to enable accessibility. This includes a walk-in shower first and foremost. Finally, the bathroom for wheelchair must be usable and easy to drive on.

barrier-free residential wood bungalow Luxury garden pool

Ideas for better accessibility in the wood bungalow

The barrier-free planning not only refers to the layout. Also the interior needs many considerations to comfort themselves with physical limitations do not goes down. For this purpose, there are many ideas and ways to make the living space barrier-free:

-Fix grab bars and handrails

-Keep the corridors and the bulk of the housing free from carpets

-Install sliding doors

-Install slider worktops in the kitchen

-Height-adjustable tables integrate, which adapt perfectly to the situation

barrier-free residential wood bungalow porch wood

Requesting State support

The State-owned KfW bank supported to buy private owners while the to rebuild barrier-free housing or already converted living room. That stands for a number of individual measures can be combined easily with each other. Only modifications will be encouraged. I.e. who already inhabited a bungalow, but still not brought this to the standard of a barrier-free House, can support financially with the KfW promotion can be.

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