Asian Style – Chinese Culture And Traditions In The Interior Design

Asian style Chinese culture living room

Asian style – Chinese philosophy and design

China has a long and interesting history. Thus, also the Chinese decoration is connected, which, as well as the people extremely harmonious in their art is.

China has one of the oldest stories in the world. They dominated in a large geographical region in East Asia. The traditions and customs of there vary between provinces, smaller and larger cities.

Enjoy the elegance and simplicity of the Asian furnishing style

Asian style Chinese culture living room wood tiles flooring

Nowadays, many villas, large houses and even Chinese-style office building have been created. More and more people are interested in Chinese culture and want to get to know the traditional life in China.  Ask yourself what words we could describe the traditional Chinese design easiest? I would choose the following one in the first place: Classic, elegant, peaceful and simple. These are the words that immediately come to mind.

Basic principles of Chinese culture

The simplicity is one of the basic principles of Chinese culture. There’s no place for overcrowding. The modern styles in interior design evolve more and more and play an increasingly important role. You create a wonderful balance through the combination of tradition and modernity.

Modern design from Asia

Asian style Chinese culture plain living room

Chinese interior design combine simplicity, contemporary style, modernity, nature and power and thus achieve an incomparable purity and calmness in the area. Use multi-coloured decoration, with the nuances of red, black and gold dominating.

When I think of China design, I imagine myself always a colorful dragon on a red or black background. This is very common.

Simplicity, contemporary style, modernity, nature and strength – visible in this example

Asian style Chinese culture wood table

Chinainterior for bedroom

Red is a symbol of happiness and prosperity, and we chose this for the interior design. If you have these Chinese designs, you will increase the Asian attraction from your bedroom. It’s the same as if you would enter a peaceful entrance. The bedroom is something in the middle between luxury, tradition and modernity.

Red, Orange and yellow – the warm colours fit perfectly in the bedroom

Asian Chinese culture style bedroom

Living room with modern Chinese design

China people like to invite guests. It’s like a big family. The living room is one of the most important places. You gave a new meaning to the living room and have been particularly great importance attributed to the large, comfortable room. The sofa was created from solid wood and created delicately by hand.

The paintings and the calligraphers are a must in the living room.

Beautiful wooden furnishings in the dining area

Asian style Chinese culture dining room dining area

Chinese reading at home

If you like to read, you can set up the perfect surface in Chinese style. The place to study traditionally plays an important role in the interior design. Anyone who has a room, will hurry up to go home and enjoy his private time.

Do you want all seem too much Chinese, but the benefits of this environment? Then, you can simply inspired by the ideas here to create the same harmony and balance.

According to Chinese Feng Shui teaching , furnish your apartment!

Asian style Chinese culture study