A Loft In Manhattan With An Industrial Stimulus

loft in Manhattan glass tableA loft in Manhattan with an industrial stimulus

The Interior Designer Liz Tiesi was commissioned with the renovation of a textile factory in a House. So, she wanted to keep the industrial master. But the family has two children and the room should be family-friendly. This resulted in a fantastic loft, full of salvaged and reclaimed treasures, such as for example such elements as barn, Independence Hall in Philadelphia and even a Tastycake factory.

View of the HouseWho lives there: A family with two children, 7 and 10 years old

Location: Tribeca neighborhood in ManhattanSize: 390 square meters; 4 bedroom, 3½ bathrooms

In a large open room, the living room, dining room and the kitchen are located. The exposed cable channels and Rails light carry the industrial atmosphere. Such rail lights are quite suitable for lofts, they are flexible, and you can set the lamps on works of art or other furniture.

The whole floor is made of old Hickory wood.

In such open lofts you can find private space difficult. One feels as part of an exhibition. Therefore, as a cave with an old fire door for the family was separated.

In such open lofts you can find private space difficult

loft in Manhattan red old wood

Barn door track: Barn Door Hardware

The family wanted a barn wood

loft in Manhattan dining room

This is the view from the kitchen, the family room is right.

The family wanted a barn out of wood. This goal meant but much effort for the wood master.

A white pillar in the living room

loft in Manhattan coffee table wall

Throughout the House, blue are scattered, as you can see on the other walls. Another renovated door is on the left.

The walls in the living room are blue

loft in Manhattan living room couch table

The room also allows watch TV without disturbing others.

Sofa: V-Lab Professor sofa, ABC carpet & home; Artwork: Jonathan Levine Gallery

Red Tulips are on the wooden dining table

loft in Manhattan dining room wood floor

The renovated Windows give industrial atmosphere.

Old items from the factory a table base, and the plate is from old wood. Tolix French Café chairs are still in the industrial. Chandelier brings blue by its glass shade and industrial style through the metal structure and released lines of Sara.

The living area is loosely-elegant, but honors the industrial past. The chairs, made from old metal pieces, bring an industrial accent. Incredibly, but the chairs are even comfortable.

The renovated Windows give industrial atmosphere

loft in Manhattan living room red couch tulips

Metal chairs: Corey Daniels Gallery; Chair, coffee table: Desiron; Sofa table: ABC carpet & home

A large island with marble slab is in the kitchen. The marble is from the Independence Hall in Philadelphia. An old metal tub is located in the middle. She brings the industrial atmosphere and can be filled with ice, champagne or beer.

A large island with marble slab stands in the kitchen

loft in Manhattan cuisine kitchen island

The brick wall in the kitchen was originally unearthed. Range craft from New Jersey have mastered the metals extraction hood and the wall panels. The wooden shelves does not hide the walls, the mirror under the shelves brighten the kitchen.

The wall panels radiate back the LED lights under the shelves. It supplements the metal things and devices on the shelves.

The cooker is here to see

loft in Manhattan kitchen cooker

There are also different kinds of antique glass in the Loft. The metal cabinet is with wire mesh doors.

The women’s bathroom is as jewelry boxes, says the designer. It has combined with blue tiles metal tiles. The door right was retained from the original building.

The kitchen is well lit

loft in Manhattan kitchen tile stove

The striking bedding by Kevin O’Brien attracts attention in a parents room.

Bed, chest of drawers: Room & Board; Mirror: ABC carpet & home

Walnut and spring plates in the parents bed room create a rustic atmosphere in the bathroom of the parents, and the blue accent is back. The old, rustic bathroom sink comes from the Tastycake factory in Philadelphia.

One wooden wardrobe in the kitchen

loft in Manhattan kitchen cabinet

With the collection of old material but must beware, sometimes the mounting too heavy, or the adaptation to other elements is.

Faucet: Dornbracht; Shutters: Olde good things

The bathroom design

loft Manhattan bathroom tiles blue

Customers wanted to have also wavy glass, it has found its application in the bathroom. The shower is left, and the toilet right.

See the bedrooms

loft Manhattan bedroom bed frame cushion

The doors were made out of glass and metal, which they have become quite heavy. So, the installation was another challenge.

Blue walls in the bathroom

loft Manhattan Blau bathroom sink

The cast iron pan is also old. The porcelain was in great condition, but the designer wanted to take it off to cast iron, so that she get the industrial look.No matter the beautiful polished old things everywhere what to do in this House always remind the past of this industrial building.

The porcelain was in great condition, but the designer wanted to take it off to cast iron, so that she get the industrial look

loft Manhattan bathroom grey

Lighting: Capitol Lighting; Faucet: Dornbracht

The Pan loft Manhattan bathroom bathtub blue wall

threshold interiors, superior Woodcraft, Inc.

Kevin O’Brien

Restoration hardware


Casale tile