A House On Lake Washington – Good Life On Lake Washington, Enjoy

House Washington Lake architecture grassA House on Lake Washington – enjoy good life on Lake Washington

Do you want a House on Lake Washington? The acquisition of this apartment a few years ago was for the family as a profit from the lottery. Because you can get rare such views of nature and such a holiday atmosphere as this one.

Great views of nature

a House on Lake Washington, plants

When it came to reconstruction, the family took the Jim Castanes architects to help. You had the intention to restrict themselves to small changes first. However, all parties had too many ideas. You have failed to restrict the creative tension.

The contemporary exterior

a House on Lake Washington exterior

The team expanded the House, changed your style and took advantage of the potential of all three levels to the maximum. We wanted to enjoy the view on the Lake first and foremost to the fullest.

The entrance

a House on Lake Washington door Brown

The customers loved the previous, traditional style of the House. But at the same time you were trying to achieve a contemporary look. It should not be but also ultra-modern.

Glass and wood used in the perfect

a House on Lake Washington wood

Face of those claims Castanes Kamau wooden panel along with milestone (integrally colored, concrete-based material with a soft surface in Venetian style) used. Still, it integrated many new surfaces made of glass. This closed folding window with orientation to the Lake and the landscape gardens.

Is a House on Lake Washington – which it?

1. views of nature and a holiday atmosphere

2. surfaces of glass, stone and wood

3. Erdnauncen in the Interior

Residents can relax in the inviting living room

a House on Lake Washington living room white coffee table fireplace sofa

By verandas on each stage one provided a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor.

The lower part was designed from the beginning for the entertainment. The kitchenette stretched further to the barbeque and the Betonbar. You had to keep the patches in the lawn from the previous design. They help to shape a path on the terrace overlooking the Lake.

The diagonally running off roof lets the rain water into the fountain. Across a small Creek it reaches the underground irrigation tanks with almost 6000 litres capacity. In addition to their “green” meaning, this idea makes the atmosphere on the ground floor very nice and relaxing.

Brown shades give the space warmth

a House on Lake Washington Cabinet table sofa

The rear area is rather brittle compared to the atrium with views of the Lake. It borders on a busy pedestrian street. That’s why they gave is here much effort, to protect the private atmosphere.

Bookshelves and brown leather sofas

a House on Lake Washington dog leather sofa carpet racks

The proportions were adapted to the pedestrian crossing. The garage door is translucent and illuminated the ambience at night. Getting the copper plates from the previous structure. Getting this for the new roof structure.

How to find the dining room?

a House Washington Lake dining room chair

The gate of the company COR-ten shows a laser cut in Mondrian style. The lines were adapted exactly to the line of the eyes of the customers and their dogs. So before opening, you can see who is at the door.

Verandas offer great views

House door Washington Lake table

Once inside, guests can enjoy already beautiful oak details. The free-standing stairway was created from it. Rough gem stone benches were created from hefty planters. The grounds are gaining glass within this context particularly hard.

A marble kitchen island and white bar stools complete the Interior

House Washington Lake marble kitchen island bar stool smell exhaust kitchen

Here you can see a see-through fireplace. This one has a second function as the separator between the living and the dining area. The matching chairs are a gift of the mother-in-law. You are obviously very attached and were padded appropriately to new furniture.

Modern kitchen appliances help the owners Cook

Washington Lake home wood stove

The master of the House is very large. Carstens took care of his well-being, by he designed the bar structures as high as it goes.

Half of the long living room serves as a media room. This is symbolically defined by a high and narrow window, which is located in the axis of the ceiling joists. Similar to one voted visually the fireplace gene area. This was used for the beams themselves.

The media sector has a male character and at the same time, it serves as a library. The most he is good for the men of the House and his dog.

Neutral color palette in the bedroom

House Washington lake bed bedroom Chair lamp

The dining room is located on the second floor, and offers gorgeous views of the Lake.

Folding doors create a seamless transition between the outdoor and indoor area.

The kitchen is also located on the second floor. In its design, it had provided the continuous movement of cooks and guests.

How about this bathroom?

a House on Lake Washington bathroom

Here you also thought on the particularly high home owner: one by a fold-out cover the safety of his head thought.

On the side of the chef can hide many items, which the guests can not see.

In the bedroom on the upper floor using the tilt of the ceiling to create an elegant effect. The high ceiling and the large Windows looking out to the East help the green landscape to complement the neutral color palette in the room.

The master bathroom creates a sense of a spa. This is achieved by the soothing colors, the excess amount of natural light and the soft stone surfaces.

Warm Earth shades are typical for the living room

House Washington Lake living room table couch Orange image

The bottom area is especially suitable for the summer. The room opens to the garden in the form of a dining area. The fireplace has no ugly side and inscribes itself so in the environment easily.

Built-in dividers provide a visual separation between the family room and dining area. While the family room with a carpet is covered, the floor of the dining area consists of integrally coloured concrete.

The wine cellar

a House on Lake Washington dining room Brown Tisch chair

Here you can see the wine cellar. It is bordered by the kitchen, the dining room and living room. It has acquired the doors from a local bank. The bistro table and chairs are a wonderful place for searching for different wines.

This House is an example that we should understand the perfect personalization of the House under improvement. There are many beautiful apartments, just a style, which is the specific person to cut! Therefore it is worth to think about it again: your apartment is ideally suited to you?  A House on Lake Washington – how do you find your interior?

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