A House In New York: Let’s Transparent Here Be

Expansive glass and a new floor plan means a modern house openness and connectedness with nature here

The casual nature of the original 1952 design liked the owners of this from the mid-century Modern House in the Hudson Valley in New York, but they wanted a stronger connection to the landscape.

Jeff Jordan architects opened the floor plan as well as the outdoor area, so that customers get a simpler version of the House with expansive glass walls and views that are reminiscent of Mies van der Rohe Farnsworth house and other modern glass houses.

House at a glance

Location: Newburgh, New York

Area: 204 M²

A house in New York

modern exterior landscape House in New York

In principle, the Hillcrest House has a U-shape plan.

Windows in the original plan were relatively large

modern house in New York

BEFORE: Windows in the original plan were relatively large, but much to be desired was its articulation and the adjacent materials on the Rückseite-outer walls.

The exterior design of the House

modern exterior House in New York

THEN: Moving from the living areas to outside occurs now through sliding glass doors, instead of through a swinging door, as shown in the previous photo. From here we come to the door in the front to find the living room.

The living room

modern living room house in New York

With cedar siding, which continues other parts of the Interior, begins the living room with the character of an outdoor area.

A couch and a fireplace

House in New York living room

The opening of the facade was created not only with large panes of glass. This included the removal of the wall between the living room and dining room and partial exposure of the structure above the ceiling. This created an open area a few meters deep from the outer wall.

The living room before

modern house in New York living room

BEFORE: The space in the living room does not flow around the fireplace around on both sides.

A wooden ceiling

House in New York window

THEN: Here is a view from the dining room back into the living room. Note the colors that are inconspicuously hidden at the top of the window. With so much glass, the shade is very important.

The kitchen design

modern kitchen House in New York kitchen island

Jordan slightly enlarged the kitchen and changed it from a galley to an L-shaped island, so that she more opened to the living area.

The kitchen before

modern kitchen House in New York

BEFORE: The former galley kitchen had access to the laundry room, through a door, which moves to the side to the dining area and allows to work better the kitchen, while it is more open.

The laundry room also functions as an entrance hall with access from the garage, so Jordan has transformed part of the garage and has direct access from the living area. Normally this would not be desirable, but the owners are collector car, and the large garage allows them to make them.

The sink

House in New York sink

THEN: Here is a view from the dining room in the Executive washroom. The contrast allows the wood to these areas appear even brighter.

The kitchen island

modern kitchen House in New York

If there is a place, where’s the adage of “Eyes on the street” (or more likely on the front lawn, in the view of the Hudson Valley location) applies, it is the kitchen and the window above the sink. The front door can be seen on the left of the photo.

The kitchen before

house in New York grey

BEFORE: It is easy to see how the new design opens the connection between the living room and the kitchen. Window above the sink bring extra light into the kitchen.

The dining room has wooden furniture

modern house in New York dining room

Here is a look at the dining room. The back of the fireplace is covered in wood, rather than with the bricks, which are available in the living room.

The dining room emphasizes the continuity between the inside and outside of Cedar siding, it is as if the outer wall of the Interior of the House is continuing. Technically, this is not the case, but it shows the aesthetic sense.

Note also the door with matching wood paneling, a nice detail that the dining room access to a bedroom (the door) and the laundry room.

The plan

plan modern house in New Yorkanother plan

modern plan

Jeff Jordan architects