A Chic Modern Residence In Seattle Full Of Interesting Works Of Art

residence in Seattle Washington artwork architectural wood glass windowA chic modern residence in Seattle with interesting artwork

Brilliant works of art on the wall decorate the elegant House in Seattle, Washington. The residence also has painted walls. In this manner, a vibrant atmosphere is created. The contemporary chic style impressed the guests. This House is above all about meaningful colors and beautiful nuances, which were carried out in a beautiful way.

The dark Interior refresh the painted walls in the living room

residence in Seattle Washington artwork sofa table Chair fireplace living room

Is the residence by Chadbourne + Doss architects designed and has a two-story structure. The architectural concept is based on the integration of materials and lighting. Wood, glass and concrete were used in the design of the residence masterfully.

Elegance in the form of great and contemporary fashion

residence in Seattle Washington artwork couch stove lamp TV

The beautiful and comfortable house has the main objective to offer elegance in the form of great and contemporary fashion.

The kitchen area is a pleasant place in the House

residence in Seattle Washington artwork cat stools kitchen island pans sink

The architects have used dark and soft wood surfaces and glass. How to get a brilliant Visual and structural contrast in the fabulous House. Rich wood dominate colours in the Interior.

The residents love the art very

residence in Seattle Washington artwork image

The elegant establishment attracts your attention from the first moment after their entering the room. High ceilings, intelligent lighting, and immaculate white walls assure that the open-plan living and dining areas to embrace the art style. The gray color palette dominated in the living room. The table and chairs and fireplace fit perfectly with the wood elements that are reminiscent of the rustic atmosphere.  The earth tones give the space warmth.

In the hall you can see different pictures on the wall

residence in Seattle Washington artwork dining table image

The TV over the dining table is an interesting possibility in the House. Beautiful glass Windows offer views of the city. A bath, some rooms and a laundry room complete the interior design. Works of art can be seen even in the bathroom. The pictures show the passion of the inhabitants to the art. The heavy accents of wood to complete the Interior wonderfully. A stylishly landscaped garden and a roof terrace also ensure the well-being of the owner.

The wooden staircase

residence in Seattle Washington artwork staircase

If you are an art lover, you sure like the residence. Share with us your comments!

Silver items on the walls residence in Seattle Washington artwork stool white Chair lampwood cabinets in the bathroomresidence in Seattle Washington artwork bathroom sink plant image the architecture is remarkableresidence Seattle Washington artwork Chair window architecture

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