24 Union Jack Furniture And Decoration Ideas – British Flair

Union Jack furniture and decoration ideas teenager style

24 Union Jack furniture and decoration ideas – British flair

Celebrities such as Rihanna, and Helen Mirren to Perry and Miley Cyrus Katy have carried the Union Jack – and it has become cool again. This is not only a trend that points to the fickle world of fashion. Also home decor and modern furnishings work well with the “Union Jack theme ‘.” Furniture and decor to artwork and accessories, pretty much anything with this motif can be fitted in any modern home.

Chaise longue Union Jack suits the modern ambience

Union Jack furniture and decoration ideas cool couch

Classic or modern, modern or eclectic – a change in the color and a twist in the design make the Union Jack design an Evergreen addition to your home. Here is a collection of interiors that will hopefully inspire you.

Union Jack design inspirations

Heller Union Jack rug fits well to a minimalist living room

Union Jack furniture decoration ideas kid carpet

While most of us have the impression that colors such as red and blue fit not well to modern or even only halfway to minimalist style, this is far from the truth. A bold Union Jack rug brings great contrast, if it is placed against a white background.

Cosy corner in a modern family rooms in London, marked with Union Jack cushion by Boutique homes

Union Jack furniture and decoration ideas flag pillow

The compilation of a family room, which offers both relaxation and fun, is the perfect blend of comfort and excitement. A home library with games like darts and air hockey offer lots to do here. Stylish “chill bag” with Union Jack pillow on top provide a place for relaxation and tranquility.

Beautiful curtains perfectly complement the Union Jack motif

Union Jack furniture and decoration ideas patterned curtains and cushion Chair

This beautiful living room does much more than just red, in the form of a Union Jack Chair cushions to add blue and white. Curtains in matching red and blue shades make sure that there is a “British” theme!

Hide the chaos with a Union Jack Dresser

Union Jack furniture and decoration ideas fine Dresser

Here is a chest of drawers, which works well with most home environments, because it adds an eclectic element to the Interior. The stylish curves, simple color combination and the extravagant appearance make them the focal point of the room, no matter where it is located. Perfect way to add some color to an otherwise largely neutral bedroom.

Modern art presents Union Jack in a conspicuous way for the dining room floor by FLOR

Union Jack furniture and decoration ideas great carpet and transparent chairs

A bold and even ‘daring’ representation of Union Jack is the interesting carpet in the dining area, which certainly is a topic of conversation when you have guests for dinner. In contrast to most other designs and accessories here, this portrays the famous Union Jack pattern in a fresh and creative way. This is a winner when it comes to great inspiration!

Beautiful wall art adds to the Union Jack to this modern wooden hut in cool shades of Grace Home Design

Union Jack furniture and decoration ideas cool cabin

There not very often that you see a modern cabin like this. A balanced use of wood, glass in the form of large Windows and plush decor welcome you here. In addition to this relaxing setting is the addition of Union Jack on the wall in earth tones. Stylish and improvised wall art that disrupts the existing atmosphere of not.

Beautiful Union Jack outdoor bean bag in a modern boy bedroom

Union Jack furniture and decoration ideas modern nursery boy

Bean bags are a fun as well as an ergonomic addition for each home. This outdoor beanbags from the area complement your outdoor furniture and bring color to your outdoor space. An extra large outdoor beanbag provides plush seating and is a cool idea for your interior and your patio. Fashionable and tasteful is the Union Jack Chilloutsack and offers all about relaxing in a chic contemporary style. The best part is that you can bring him home. One of these bean bags costs about 85 euro in the United Kingdom.

Colorful pillows Union Jack are always a hit by Kelly Baron

Union Jack furniture and decoration ideas pillow trend

Union Jack cushions are an ‘Evergreen’ hit and they seem to be every time quite in fashion. Since pillows have been a popular choice when it comes to adding some color to living rooms in a neutral color palette, they blend seamlessly everywhere harmoniously.

Eclectic living room wearing a retro style with strong British flavor of Cynthia Mason interiors

Union Jack furniture and decoration ideas retro style

Currently, retro is a theme that is modern again. This eclectic living room takes this concept to the hilt with two colors and furniture, pull back in time. The topic is still primarily English in its nature and if you any doubt as to the ‘ British invasion’ have, then makes it clear plenty Union Jack on the wall.

Elegant traditional living room with a few Union Jack of sports sofa sets by Simutin design

Union Jack furniture and decoration ideas Geposterte furniture two armchairs

Adding a few seat sofas draped in Union Jack colours, is not the easiest thing to achieve. This warm and inviting living room says, how to turn it into an elegant style. A large sofa and a table in the middle of cream provide the perfect contrast in softer tones, while beautiful drapes elegantly complete the room.

Exquisite Union Jack rug in shades of improvised allen steals the show from Jennifer Welch designs

Union Jack furniture and decorating ideas blue and white

Pristine white background, chic chairs and a modern fire – it’s just a treat for the eyes in the living room. While the most Union Jack rugs simply carry the flag, this white uses also a shade of turquoise blue. The result is a rich and refined ambience that is ideal for tight urban houses. A further variation of raised Union Jack-Schick!

Ottoman in Union Jack colours ideal for a modern library

Union Jack furniture and decoration ideas private library

For many lazy people like us who like not cleaning our houses, a stool with storage space is a gift. It looks stylish, offers an ideal place to sit and we can quickly clear away stuff and all the chaos with ease! A distinctive Ottoman in Union Jack colors is a nice addition to a library, which is largely dressed in white.

Retro refrigerator with Union Jack artwork peeking from the kitchen and a chaise with a cushion goes together by Boutique homes

Union Jack furniture and decoration ideas trendy retro fridge

A retro refrigerator with Union Jack technology on top of it is a creative addition to any modern ergonomic kitchen, where the most smooth, glazed surfaces and in neutral colors. “The ‘ all black ‘ living here works well together with a ‘ all white ‘ cuisine against the backdrop.” The only approaches that break away from this trend, are the refrigerator and a pillow on the chaise longue, which wear blue, white and red. Exquisite and unusual usage of the British theme!

Union Jack in a modern nursery – style statement for the tiny infant! by Carroll consulting

Union Jack furniture and decoration of small stool

If you are a Briton, then feel the feeling of patriotism really well, really young when you are young! A toddler children’s room with a seat, wearing Union Jack, sounds a little strange. But bright colors that are intelligently used, are ideal for children’s room designs and this colorful Chair must get lot of attention from their tiny.

Pillows with Union Jack with a pink twist for girls bedroom!

Union Jack furniture and decoration ideas pink Princess

We were told that the girls feel allowed in all of this. So why throw not cushion Union Jack-style m girls bedroom? The red and blue colors not quite work as well, you say? Well, then let just try us. The pillows and cushions we can be in the same design, but in ‘Disney Princess’ friendly colors are dyed. How it looks now? Nice and classy at the same time!

Colourful British nursery

Union Jack furniture and decoration ideas teenager style

The British theme can be placed at the correct use of the Union Jack colors with one or two accessories bearing the design. A large carpet and a small refrigerator with a hint of nautical flavor used to fortify this boys bedroom. Playful and colourful, it proves beyond doubt that Union Jack works great in spirited settings.

Modern dining table made of glass shows the Union Jack by John Rogers renovation

Union Jack furniture and decoration ideas-patterned table

This glass dining table is a modern and exclusive. Because glass is so integral and sometimes an overwhelming part of the contemporary residences, it fits easily to this table. An innovative way to add the Union Jack, without the bright colors that come with it!

Great Union Jack pillows in the bedroom offer vivid contrast between d2 interiors

Union Jack furniture and decoration ideas large pillow In the bedroom

Small cushion with Union Jack motif work well for beds in the living room. But when it comes to the bedroom, a large cushion is a wise decision. If the rest of the bedroom wearing white or neutral shades, it adds a splash of much-needed color. The best part is that you can at any time change the decor without having to worry about costs or overhaul!

Attractive storage boxes with Union Jack and U.S. flag of Lazzari United States

Union Jack furniture and decoration ideas flag storage boxes

Unique Union Jack fabric container used this room as a part of the colourful storage units. There’s an obvious American presence here and you can use different number of units depending on the aesthetic and functional requirements.

Wears Union Jack joyfully ergonomic headrest

Union Jack furniture and decoration ideas shiny head Board

Here is a part of the head, not only proudly wearing the Union Jack, but he has a few bed lights and little shelves for storage! Optically and functionally perfect, steals the spotlight with ease.

Organized children’s room in dark blue with a Union Jack rug by Tim Barber LTD Architecture & interior design

Union Jack furniture and decoration ideas runner

We meet many boys rooms, which are painted in dark blue tones. This together with the popularity of a “nautical theme ‘ guarantees an easy integration of a Union Jack rug.” With the couch and open cabinets, wearing a matching shade of blue, the carpet is a natural extension of the existing institution.

Classic design theme with the Union Jack Chair

Union Jack furniture and decoration ideas classic design

This is a room that is definitely for those who prefer a classic theme of the past. The Chair in almost ‘Victorian’ style is exactly in the middle of the room with the Union Jack and carries your thoughts back to the glory days of the British Royal family. A perfect Setup for those who want to enrich their collection!

Adding a hint of class to the boy’s bedroom with Union Jack curtains

Union Jack furniture and decorating ideas boys bedroom with style

Bunk beds, some stuffed animals in a basket and a few units tell us that this is a typical boys bedroom. With a simple addition of the Union Jack curtains (which seem much less likely to be used as sofas and pillows), the whole room looks especially and remarkably. A simple but thoughtful complement that matches the color scheme of the room.

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