15 Ideas For Colored Designs In Red, White And Blue. Let’s Go!

In today’s article, we want to show you an example from the United States for the connection between patriotism and the beautiful design. National festivals such as the 4.7. you design there is often even the nursery with the colors of the national flag.

So it combined the pure white, Navy Blue, and the alarm-red color and it is already really patriotic and festive! However, if you can make it much more. To play with these nuances and achieved sometimes year-round decorations for the apartment.

So I would go in for example: I would white matter do, in a red shade opt for terracotta and ox blood and put on the turquoise blue in designing other rooms.

And now I speak over 15 species of wonderful combinations.

Ideas for colored designs in red, white and blue

colored designs carpet white blue redThe pure white, Navy Blue, and the alarm-red color in this living room

traditional living room couch colored designs bed red Blau Weiß

1. use the red colour for some smaller items. You will give this upscale room a spirited character. They are even more effective in combination with the light blue blanket! Beautiful, or?

These colors are in the kitchen

traditional kitchen color designs red Blau Weiß

2. wear the colors on a neutral basis. Rich shades of neutral colors are the most used color palette here. It has reserved the stronger three colors for the conclusion and thus achieved a very comfortable atmosphere.

A patterned blue carpet in the bedroom

colored designs bed red Blau Weiß pillow lamps

3. the application shall be reserved. The country house below holds the “rural” in the side by a very careful selection. The blue accents are available through the Chinese vessels. The shade of Red is present thanks to the cabinets and bar chairs.

A blue exterior design

traditional exterior design colored red Blau Weiß

4. the right level. Chic cuts and playful mix of patterns, resulting in a crisp bathroom.

Blue sofas, red pillows and white couches

colored designs living room red Blau Weiß

5. create a delicate, refined atmosphere by the light grey shading. Blue red can adjoin it to Evergreen, Burgundy. In this combination, the light gray can replace the white color. This holiday home was wonderfully refreshed by these colors.

Red chairs in the white kitchen

colored designs kitchen red Blau Weiß

6 subtle design with the color of the persimmon. Faded red shades represent softer accents and still strongly contrast with the beautiful Navy Blue.

Red, blue and white elements in this kitchen

colored designs sink red Blau Weiß kitchen

7. immerse the whole grey. Blue-eyed, makes the color look inconspicuous and can appear bright red areas in their full glory. A pivot point represent the Red chairs in the same color.

These colors are often used

colored designs Chair red Blau Weiß

8. you need limited number of colored pieces in the minimalist rooms. The more white space, the more comes out this color.

Refresh your bedroom interior design

traditionally colored designs bed red Blau Weiß

9. play with the style of the middle of the 20th century. The fabric and the Chair Eames small this is exactly what has done. Look at you can be shown in the next figure.

The linens are red white and blue, and the beds in

colored designs bed red Blau Weiß

10. mark the most important accent piece with red or blue! In this case, the part of the fireplace behind the bed with the paprika-red accents contrasts.

Red, blue and white kitchen chairs

colored designs dining room red Blau Weiß

11 merciless redesign! The design of this House was marked by the carefully selected blue plates and Red cushions. Over the bed hangs a folded star of the sea and various stripes give a lively mood. The color combination is very varied and she can be applied in a children – as well as in a living room.

Green, red and yellow kitchen chairs

colored designs kitchen red Blau Weiß sink

12. mix and match together the seats in red, white and blue. Several different accents mix in these iconic Chair: red, white, blue, fiber glass, clear acrylic shade, and wooden table covered with metal. The table shows a modest style, but the colourful mix contributes to its unique character.

Here, even the curtains in blue are red and white,

colored designs red Blau Weiß couch sofa

13. illuminate the Interior with turquoise blue

Want a touch hangover in your home? Then you put on the turquoise-blue accents. But the turquoise and red combination is suitable not only for the retro kitchen. It provides a wonderful effect with soft padding in an upscale living room.

Blue walls in the bedroom

traditionally colored designs bed red Blau Weiß wood

14. think globally, act locally! Want to connect rather than African, Indian and Asian accents for a chic mix?

A white desk, blue walls and a red Chair

modern coloured designs bed red Blau Weiß bedroom desk

15 meaningful combination in white and black. Rigour in the corners and in the form of strips attached graphic patterns dominate the atmosphere by the Navy blue color.

How do you find the idea of designing a room in the national colors of America now? Or maybe you were inspired to a conversion of the colors of your national colors?

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