The Pantone Color Of The Year: Greenery

Innovative interior design ideas for 2017

The Pantone color of the year is called Greenery. This is a relatively bright green with slightly eccentric nuances. It reminds us a lot of some cacti and succulent species. Greenery is also the color of spring. Such a magnificent yellow-green, one could say. The sun and the beautiful natural landscapes are included in it at the same time.

This cutting-edge color fits perfectly into the interior, as well as living decoration on the terrace or in the office. Greenery is a wonderful color for the make-up, especially for the eyeshadow. Bracelets and earrings in this color are still a great idea.

We pick up some of the ideas and explain how to do them right.

Greenery for the accent wall

We believe that you can choose Greenery for an accent at home. Especially in the bedroom we find them particularly suitable. You will breathe this space. This is exactly what you need to sleep properly. Combine with blue-and-white accents on the bed linen.

Light blue and dark blue are just as good. You can also take Braun for the compensation. Greenery could be a great accent wall in the living room. You should combine these with green plants. These themes”nature-close and freshness”are particularly suitable for all rooms, which have a view of real green nature.

Particularly suitable is the color greenery in the living room

Greenery Design Trends Image Throw Pillow

Just bring a few plants inside

The green trend could simply be used to spread more green plants into the indoor setting. A few flower pots next to the window, but only in the interior! This is already more than enough. Many houseplants have exactly the greenery color.

By the way, this is also a great way to integrate the color into offices.

The green trend in the office

Greenery Design Trends Design office offices

Accents in Greenery

Let’s concentrate on the accents in Greenery. This is also a successful way to have more of it in the interior setting. Perhaps you can refresh an old piece of furniture in this color. A few light green decorative pillows will surely bring to the highlights in the room. What do you think of some new pictures on the wall, even in Greenery?

Old furniture in the color greenery

Greenery design trends living room

Floral pattern

If you want to spice up your interior with floral patterns, Greenery is also very suitable for this. You can apply this color to pillows and other textiles. This is a great job during the winter months and a welcome refreshment in the interior for the spring.

Bring a fresh touch into the interior

Greenery design trends-screen wall-resized

Steamed Greenery

If you have the muted color nuances, try again with Greenery. In this form the Pantone color 2017 also looks great. This would be a successful opportunity for integration into vintage interior installations. The muted greenery is also gentle for the senses. Set up your reading corner in this color and you can not go wrong!

The hidden corners and niches, which serve reading and relaxation, are a hot trend in interior design in 2017. Set in Greenery, these places will bring you even more harmony and relaxation.

Set your reading corner in this color

Greenery design trends furniture pieces leseeck

Art with nature

Do you want to renew the art design of your apartment? What about a picture gallery on a natural theme?

Greenery painting in the office

Greenery Design Trends picture painting

Kitchen back wall

Shall we go to the kitchen now? Do not you think that Greenery fits much better than anywhere else? Still refreshing effect when you stand this color with glossy kitchen tiles. Perhaps at the back of the kitchen, right?

Innovative and at the same time comfortable furniture pieces

Greenery design-trends-design-furniture-furniture 2017-resized

Unexpected details

Surprising details always represent a great approach in the interior. Greenery would look wonderful on the ceiling in the hallway, on a design chair or on a door frame.

Or simply a key with green apples

Or perhaps Greenery is simply an occasion for you to have several healthy products at home. Many of them have exactly this color. The green apples for example. Always keep a fruit bowl with such parat! So you can often access these because of their vitamins and at the same time achieve an aesthetic look in your kitchen.

Designsofa looks wonderful in Greenery

Greenery design trends design furniture

The greenery color looks perfect in a neutral environment

Greenery Design Trends Bedroom 2017

Bring positive energy into the bedroom

Greenery bedroom

Combination between old and modern

Greenery design trends