The Design Rules Of Professional Interior Designers

Design rules that may break you according to professional interior decorators

From the prohibition of material mix to the avoidance of asymmetrical ground cracks, the many limitations in the interior design are sufficient. But they must not become taboo. With some of these we would like to provoke you today and to encourage experiments.

Do not hang a piece of art symmetrically…

We spend so much effort on the correct placement of works of art. They must not be too low or too high. Just in the middle they have to go! Actually, this does not have to be. The easy escape of perfect symmetry is often represented in nature anyway, so it works harmoniously. In addition, this approach often has a surprise effect. In some rooms, you can balance the visual gravity.

This kind of symmetry has a surprise effect

Interior design design ideas artworks symmetry

Several styles in the same room

Running a room in one and the same style is a rule that hardly a designer still holds. Experiment with the eclectic in the interior. If you do not have much experience with it, start with the combination of two or three styles. Then you can expand the concept over time.

The eclectic is the combination of 2 or 3 styles

Interior design design ideas eclectic

Several metals in the kitchen

One rule of uniformity is to apply only one type of metal in the kitchen facility. Last year, however, it was quite different: it was particularly modern to use several metals at the same time. You can then assign a task to a color or a material to weld the appearance of the kitchen concept.

Use several metals in the kitchen facility

Interior design ideas kitchen metals details

Various types of wood

A similar dilemma exists with the use of different types of wood, mostly in the living room, but also in other rooms. You can create great contrasts by combining light and dark wood or rough and smooth surfaces.

Different types of wood in the living room is a modern decision

Interior design ideas living room wood various styles

Complex design of the spaces

The elaborate interior design in interspaces often appears too bizarre. Actually, it makes perfect sense – these rooms can be regarded as a kind of accent in the general concept of your housing design.

Contrasting appearances are a main trend in fashion and design 2017

LED lighting of interstices is a main trend for 2017

Interior design ideas interraum led

Obviously break one or the other rule

Break a rule and make that accent in the home! In this way deliberately set one or more surprise elements into the scene. However, if you break the rules, you always keep a certain limit in your mind: Query at each point critically: Is there still a balance in my inner design concept? If this is not the case, step back as many steps until you find the compensation.

Eclectic kitchen furnishings create a good atmosphere

Inneneinrichtug design ideas eclectic cuisine

3d concept of a living room with several types of wood and LED lighting

Interior design ideas 3d living room

Decorate the spaces to your taste

Interior design design ideas eclectic thema

You can design the kitchens with different metals

Interior design ideas kitchen metals

Forget the symmetry in the living room

Interior design ideas

2 or 3 types of wood are recommended in the room

Interior design ideas living room wood

Interior design design ideas interspace