Setting Up A Small Apartment: Three Basic Principles That Need Updating

Setting up a small apartment: Three basic principles that need updating

Small apartments are more often the rule than the exception. So we are concentrating on the regular publication of contributions on the subject. Because more and more people have limited residential space, designers are investing immensely in it. So it does not get boring with this topic.

In this article, we have three basic principles, which are always mentioned in the context of the establishment of small apartments. They are sometimes presented on one side, or superficially. That’s why we offer some explanations and updates.

Do you properly deal with the bright colors when setting up small apartments?

Proper use of bright colors means that they are applied in the way that is most beneficial for each individual room. As a rule, small rooms are expanded visually. With the bright colors, they basically create the feeling that there is a lot of light. Bright colors remain neutral in principle. If you take the brightest nuance of any shading, you get this effect. So this is a way to always use your favorite shading in a small room. With bright colors you can also apply many patterns, without the small room being fragmented or narrowed.

The neutral color palette is perfect for small apartments

Bright color palette nuances and colors

Finally, you can use the bright colors in a room to create contrasts. Surrounded by these, a dark wall is incredibly dramatic and you also deepen a certain dimension. White background also brings out small accents.

The white background enhances the bright accents

Multifunctional furniture furnishing ideas

Mirror in the room

Another tried and tested tool for expanding and illuminating space are mirrors. Profit from the creative design ideas for the integration of this. Furniture is always offered with integrated mirror surfaces. For example, such a wardrobe might save you a lot of space and effort. Plan well the use of mirrors. Place them strategically, so that the effect of light and colors in the room harmoniously spreads.

Avoid the effects that lead to fragmentation, confusion and chaos in space. Mirror should look best at a uniform and harmonious room area – for example on a wall with window or larger picture.

The creative mirror ideas are a good example of your room expansion

Space expansion using mirror

Effective, modern and practical are furniture with mirrors and built-in lights.

Mirror in the room extension


By harmonious arrangement of the furniture you can maximize the potential of multifunctional furniture. It is important that the furnishings of your small apartment have a stable, balanced framework, which remains unchanged through transformations and adaptations inside. This allows you to use relaxed and randomly designed furniture with a wide range of uses.

Multifunctional furniture ensure the accommodation of your apartment

Multifunctionality small housing ideas

In other words, if you use multifunctional furniture without a clear plan, there is a lack of character in the room and everything seems chaotic.

The longevity of these basic principles when setting up small apartments is actually a good sign. It means that we have found a great way to feel comfortable in these. In addition, updates bring new improvements that you should not neglect. They are an opportunity to make them more comfortable and individual.

The children’s room must also be multifunctional

Small children's room flexible apartment

Flexibility and functionality in one

Small practical design

Place the mirrors strategically in the room

Mirror care for the space expansion

For example, they can have a neutral color scheme in the room

Multifunctionality small housing

In the small apartment every corner is important

Neutral color scheme of an apartment

Plan well the use of mirrors

Mirror in the room small apartment furnish