Set Up The Cellar And Win A New Living Space

Some well-functioning interior design ideas, which will make your cellar comfortable

Interior designers and house residents are becoming more and more creative in attracting new housing estates. This is no different with the increasing number of people in the cities. At the same time, one reluctantly renounces the feeling of luxury and the positive mood at home. Can this be achieved in a cellar? Intersigners clearly answer this question with”yes”and many examples support their opinion.

One of the many rules for achieving a positive effect is described in the next lines.

Vision of the desired effect

Bright and beautiful cellar

In a cellar you need a clear vision from the beginning. This is even more important than elsewhere. Here you often have many tricky spots and complicated moments to master. Such are, among other things, the irregular ground plan or lack of light sources. Like every room, the basement also has its advantages and disadvantages.

Its hidden position automatically turns it into a refuge and you can easily get the feeling of security here. On the one hand, such a room can be quite narrow, bizarre and dark. Their design concept for the cellar is intended to emphasize the first aspects and to make the second as much as possible less noticeable.

Measures against moisture

Set up and decorate

In the basement one has basically problems with the humidity. Check the surrounding water installations well and repair any damage. If you do not do that now, you would probably have to do your elaborate renovation a second time.

Light: Beautiful color combined with great texture, well thought-out combination of lights

Furniture and decorations for the cellar

The lack of light is the first problem which needs a solution in connection with the thorough cellar installation. The bright colors are a must. The interior designer also recommend the wall cladding with interesting textures. In general, this solution should lead to a bright and lively mood in the cellar.

The lighting must fit exactly here. Inadequate light will depress you and too much will dazzle you, make you tiring and thus ruin the ambience of the space.1 Begin with the ambient lighting: this should be precisely adapted to your basement area. The color and warmth of the light must complement the colors of the interior design.

Then you have to illuminate the dark areas – corners, walls (if present) distant walls, etc. For this you need bulbs, spotlights or similar. The under-lighting is particularly suitable for this purpose.

Finally, you also need special task lamps that are evenly distributed in the functional areas. Since tricky dark corners often take over the functions of workbenches or kitchen corners in cellars, you can combine the last two aspects of the lighting concept.

Different neutral layers with warm accents

As a bedroom

The basement lacks light, but also warmth. Therefore, the neutral interior should not be too sterile. Therefore, you should introduce several layers of neutral colors into the room design. A white background, in combination with a light wooden floor and textiles would result in a successful concept. The colored accents in red, orange, yellow or other warm colors are obligatory. Integrate these into the form of decorative cushions, plants, art pieces and accessories.

Windows and under-lighting

As a comfortable living room

Some cellars have small openings. First, it must be mentioned here, you must not confuse the influx of light in any form. On the other hand, you should emphasize the presence of the windows as much as possible through mirror surfaces and minimalist design of the adjacent wall.

If you do not have windows, then you should provide the presence of such decorations. There are different strategies for this. A work of art that presents natural light in one form or another, sun, window with a sunny view, etc. would be a possibility. You can also decorate a wall with a shelving unit and place a designer light as a central decorative element.


Modern and bright

Light and comfortable must be the cellar. Something luxury always belongs to it. Solve this last task by integrating designer furniture that brings momentum and movement into the room. This creates the feeling of individuality, variety and closeness. They ultimately give you the feeling of being in a complete living room.

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Interior designers and house residents are becoming more creative in attracting new housing estates

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In the cellar you often have many tricky spots and complicated moments to master

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Cellar with beautiful wallpapers

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