Interior Design Ideas For Different Style Combinations According To Your Taste

How to decide if you find interior design ideas in different styles great

What is your favorite style at Innendesign? If you can not answer this question exactly, then you are not the only one. Many people simply do not find some things beautiful and others do not want to combine them according to these criteria. And that is absolutely understandable.

Against the intermingling of styles speaks primarily the danger, that no uniform picture is formed in the inner design. However, this does not exist if you have a clear concept and place everything in this. Eclecticism is just one of many possible solutions. This has its own rules, which we have already discussed in other articles.

This article is less about already known furnishing tricks. We are a strategy of combining all popular styles outside the rules of eclecticism. We also want to help you to choose between interior design ideas of different styles.

Assign a style to each style

Living room and dining room in various styles

One possibility would be to allocate a separate area in each apartment to each room. This can be different zones within open plans or very different rooms. It would be important here that these also”communicate”in some way. You can have a connecting element,

Such as colors, shapes, textures, or patterns.

Or find out which style is most appropriate in the interior setting for you

Admittedly, with the procedure just described, you can not Uniform design at home , Then we would like to offer you some strategies to find out which interior design style suits you best.

Consider functions and emotions as equivalent priorities

Interior design ideas with great furniture

First make a list with many different setup ideas. Do not distinguish them by style! What is important is that you have a large pre-selection. Now you select these that are particularly appealing to you emotionally, without thinking of the functional side. Then make the reverse: Create a list of interior design ideas that you have chosen mainly for practical reasons.

Now select those that have fallen into both groups. You will notice that they are not too many. And in most cases it turns out that they are quite similar in style, or can be combined within an eclectic design.

A collection of images that you can watch longer

Various interior design ideas

The second strategy includes images of interior installations. These can be stored on your computer or printed in your pocket or drawer. All in all, you should choose 10-12 innsigns, which you will find really adorable. Do not think about the budget or other factors. Within a longer period, preferably around the ten days, you should choose one that you like the most. You will have chosen more often than the others. You should then analyze them stylistically. This is probably the design that is most appealing to you and which best suits your practical criteria.

Take your time

We often get annoyed when we can not set everything up at home from the beginning. If you look at things from the perspective of time, however, you would find that this is probably your luck. If you do not take enough time, you buy a lot of superfluous and wrong. The longer you stay somewhere, the better you understand how to use the space best.

Then you are usually happy when you have realized the original interior decoration ideas. Over time, you will also find out which style is best for you.

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