The Maldives Offer A New Travel Experience – Unterwasser Hotel!

Have you visited an underwater hotel in your life? Certainly not, because there was not one in the world, until now. Create your to-go list and write down the latest travel experience for 2018 – The Underwater Villa in the Maldives. This topic certainly leaves many questions unanswered, but in the following paragraphs we want to try to describe this great travel experience as well as possible.

The Maldives have a new experience – underwater hotel

underwater hotel maldives

Idea and project

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island offers a unique travel experience with the so-called overwater bungalows. Better to say, it’s about a project that offers sleeping below sea level. The undersea residence is not yet 100% ready, but in November 2018 the grand opening is planned.

It is located under the Indian Ocean and officially bears the name Muraka – in the local language it means coral.

Underwater experience for the whole family

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The projecting of the residence is of course made by professionals who already have an experience with similar constructions. In other words, they are specialists who are perfectly familiar with aquarium technology. Mike Murphy and Ahmed Sallem have created the idea of ​​the villa under the sea for people who love the beautiful Maldives from a different perspective – under the sea surface. The villa also offers a combination of design, architecture and technology, creating an innovative hospitality.

The bathroom looks so smart

underwater concept

Interior of the underwater villa

The project consists of two parts – an underwater level and numerous overwater bungalows. A king size bedroom with bathroom and living area are located in the underwater level and provide an unforgettable panoramic view. The bedroom is designed according to the latest trends. LED lighting and a free-standing bed are among the many design ideas below the sea level.

Cozy and luxurious

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With the help of a spiral staircase you can reach the upper floor where there are two single beds with bathroom, guest toilet and gym. The location of this floor also offers a dining area with a view of the sunsets in the Indian Ocean. The villa offers optimal space for a total of nine guests.

Enjoy the ocean and sunsets

underwater hotel ideas design design

This is how the upper floor of the Unterwasser Hotel looks like

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Numerous concepts for an underwater hotel

underwater design concept

Natural lighting design in every room

underwater hotel design concept
underwater hotel Creative constructions

underwater hotel maldives

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underwater ideas underwater hotel tips

Design concept underwater hotel

Ideas design underwater hotel

Creative constructions underwater hotel

Maldives underwater hotel