Furniture In The House, The Not Many Care Need

What connect the term “Cottage”?

Most people combine the word “Cottage” with beautiful memories from childhood. It can still be that memories of furniture that do not fit together, appear on dark walls and all types of retro pieces. Such pieces can cost a fortune at the time when the furniture sellers. The furniture of the houses generally associated with accessibility and easier maintenance.

purple pillow lounge white sofa furniture In the HouseFurniture in the House – lots of ideas

But there are also trails on which to install the hut in the 21st century, without doing the so basic sense of nostalgia is lost for these places.

“Holiday homes create more mood and play not only by their furniture, but also by the decoration.”, Heather Smillie says by Heather Smillie designs Inc. “the holiday home is a refuge, so the decoration can reflect that character in different ways such as by, say, memorabilia, antiques, and collections of various kinds. All of these items have a much more effective impact here than anywhere else”.

Wood furniture is typical of the holiday house interior design

bedroom wooden ceiling bed furniture In cottage

Here are five methods that you can apply to make a cottage chic. Still these are ideas for furniture, that are easy to maintain.

1. opt for solid materials and surfaces

Wet swimsuits, muddy shoes, pets… The furniture can be beaten really. Choose therefore really solid materials, both for the furniture and the materials with which they are covered.

Purple accents fit the White interior design

purple white coverlet couch chandelier furniture In cottage

Heather recommends the use of fabrics like linen to use cotton and wool for the textures. “Every time, if it is possible for you, that you use a product which is easy to maintain, do it!”, she says.

Set up the kitchen in the cottage

wooden cottage kitchen Chair

Heather recommends the use of a colored ground and decorate the walls with head boards, panels on the walls, and the use of a VMOS structure. All of these make for more stamina in the Interior.

Wooden tables and a white couch

white furniture cottage living room

2. experiment with the trends

If there is a fashion trend, which appears to be too risky for your home, then you try it out in your vacation home! “Major Royal events, such as around the anniversary of the Queen, have spread the”Britania”trend. The combination of blue and Red decorations can be fun and be aufladend”, says Heather continues.

A traditional cuisine with polka dot pillow

kitchen House table modern

3. use reusable pieces of furniture

The holiday houses are always as a collection point for furniture. These are, as well as the old toys something, what indeed is obsolete, but also something which is somehow not can be separated.

White cabinets and modern light brown walls

traditional kitchen cottage

“Actually was an essential part of the modern design of the renewed use and is a trend that makes out a principle in the architecture of the houses at the same time,” says Heather. “So, if you find an old door and integrate them into the facade from your home, this can be a perfect solution.”

Green and grey elements in the interior design of living room

living room sofa couch retired cottage

4. create a beautiful new combination from your not matching furniture

The furniture for the houses usually represent a collection of family gifts, finds from the street or from the flea markets. All this might end in a horrible mish-mash, if you not purposefully does something for the better design.

The furniture for the houses represent a collection of family gifts

kitchen dining table pendant lamp curtains

“But all items can be combined with each other well by using a complementary range of materials,” says Heather. “You can select a more monochromatic, or a more complementary color for the substances. Integrate the various pieces of furniture in a common image in both cases thanks to this and the whole design will ultimately get a completed look.”

Brown accents fit to the white wood furniture

white kitchen table Chair cottage

5. place on efficiency instead of much effort and work!

The final recommendation of Heather is to invest as little as possible and not as much work in the design of the House.

Many people think so: I must regularly delete the window, again and again new paint the ceiling or buy new loads of gravel for the driveway.

A blue couch refreshes the rural style

living room wood table blue couch furniture In cottage

Instead, you should instead invest in plastic or aluminum Windows, siding for fiber pallets, and about laminated flooring. Pave the driveway or use verschränkende brick in the design of the House. “If you go that route, the hardest thing you have to do is finally about to be to decide what’s on the grill.”

There are a wide variety of kitchen furniture

kitchen cottage stove Chair furniture In cottage

Hopefully these practical ideas for you were fit and come in the form of one or the other in your holiday home in usage.

Most of the time is the vacation house in the Woods

cottage exterior design white plants white cabinets and a modern stove white kitchen crockery cooker furniture In the House