A Romantic Night In The Black Forest

pink flowers overnight at the Black ForestOvernight stay in the Black Forest

At so many hotels and air BnB rooms which are us, is not simply an unusual sleep experience on the track – except perhaps in Germany. Earlier we had presented a comfortable room, it has set up in a giant beer barrel, and now we have stumbled across a strange headline that invites you to “Sleep in the wine barrel” and leads down to the presentation of a beautiful accumulation of rooms, which overlook the vineyards and some sections of the Green Black Forest from a giant wine barrel robe.

The mountains of the Black Forest

overnight In the Black Forest barrel forest

On the grounds of a farm in the village of Sasbachwalden – a small community, five “squares” are known for their productivity in the wine-making and woodworking -, or rooms built. After the grape variety named, the giant in the respective barrel oak stored all – restored so lovingly, that your heart is taken by emotion – each of these rooms with a small rocky garden, with flowers, a Bank, and even with a bathroom is fitted. Oh, and don’t worry about the winter time. The cosy rooms can be heated up.

A huge oak barrel

overnight In the black forest landscape barrel

In each barrel, there is a double bed that can be separated on request of the tourists in two single beds, and a basket of delicious German delicacies awaits your arrival. The owners make also promotions. For example this one: one night, two persons, breakfast included a basket full of cheese and sausage, plus wine. And what, you think could cost? About, what you can afford? No, they require nothing of the kind, only 156 euros – and that for two people. A real bargain, no doubt! Sasbachwalden emblazoned consisting 70 percent of forest, with lush green hills and spectacular sunsets. We are hardly a sexier place, where you could spend the night.

Do you want to spend a romantic night at the Black Forest?

Enjoy the outdoor design

overnight In the Black Forest barrel

Great views

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Chair bed Black Forest

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