A Great Hotel In Dubai – One & Only, The Palm

Dubai Palm Hotel stool sofa tableA great hotel in Dubai

One & only, The Palm is an impressive hotel in Dubai, the largest city of the United Arab Emirates. The luxurious building is located on the Arabian peninsula.

Visit this amazing hotel in Dubai

great hotel in Dubai swimming pool Palms patio

Dubai is one of the most popular exotic destinations in the world.  We introduce a paradisiacal place of dreams in the Persian Gulf.

Guests can relax at the swimming pool in the tropical environment

great hotel Dubai swimming pool deck chair umbrella Palm

Enjoy the beauty of the hotel that represents an oasis of stylish energy and tranquility.

Great decorated ceilings and a sink in the form of a shell

great hotel in Dubai bathroom chandelier flooring

The building is characterized by modern Arabic style, schikem interiors and Moorish architecture. There is a feeling of luxury and elegance. Spectacular landscape and interior design are typical of this elegant hotel.

A splendid living room design with Brown items

great hotel Dubai Golden couch Brown Wall lamp table

Lush landscaped gardens and fountains make for the well-being of the guests. This jewel of the emotions is located close to the beach.

The open spaces and offer wonderful views

great hotel Dubai swimming pool

The luxurious hotel has great decorated ceilings, walls, chandeliers, chandeliers, patterned flooring, white chairs with colorful pillows and golden ornaments.

The modern fountain ensures the good mood of our guests

great hotel Dubai table Chair fountain

The award-winning hotel welcomes its guests and offers you stylishly furnished rooms. The cosy rooms are equipped with modern devices and have large terraces with glass tables, light furniture and views to the swimming pool.

You can see palm trees, both in the exterior and the Interior

great hotel Dubai white couch table Palm

Guests can enjoy local and international cuisine. In the hotel there are three distinctive restaurants offering beautiful panoramic views of the Gulf.

Enjoy the Crystal elements

great hotel Dubai bar Crystal Chair luxury

The bar offers luxury and wows the guests through the crystal chandelier and – surfaces.

An elegant bathroom

great hotel Dubai bathroom shelves Palms

The Spa offers rejuvenating treatments in the courtyard and a perfect playground for activities, golf, water sports and excursions.

An original chandelier completes the Interior

great hotel Dubai chandelier bath Shell white

Beautiful and tastefully decorated, the hotel has an oversized marble bathroom.

The rooms offer guests lots of comfort

great hotel Dubai living room couch bed sofa

Excellent climatic conditions, Arab traditions, luxury, clean water and beautiful views entice tourists.

great hotel in Dubai ceiling white decorated bathroom gorgeous

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great hotel in Dubai Lounger swimming pool Palms table everyone likes the exotic atmosphereIn the bedroom, the brown color palette dominated great hotel Dubai bed couch table lamplush landscaped gardens and fountains make for the well-being of the guests great hotel Dubai fountain flowers great hotel Dubai swimming pool exteriorthe building is characterized by a modern Arabic style and Moorish architecture the colors are tastefully combined great hotel Dubai tub bathroom great hotel Dubai living room table white couch pillow great hotel in Dubai chandelier decorated Golden door

One & only, the Palm