Wedding Outside: That’s What You Have To Think About When You Celebrate In The Forest / Park!

A wedding outside in the forest or park seems like a simple alternative to the traditional celebration. Although the organization seems so casual at first glance, there are many hidden dangers. You have to be prepared for all challenges so that, despite the long-lasting organization, everything works out wonderfully. In this project we would like to help you with the following tips!

Different shades of green – great decoration for the forest wedding!

lighting wedding outdoors forest

Have you thought of all the formalities?

Before choosing the location for your wedding outside, check out the local outdoor celebrations. Especially in summer and in the woods or in the park there are a number of restrictions. These are for cleanliness, environmental protection and safety.

Therefore, you should know in advance about it!

You need sufficient lights and good fire protection!

Lighting wedding outside

At a wedding out in the woods there are hidden costs!

As a rule, one thinks of a forest wedding as a cheaper alternative compared to the celebration in a restaurant or other closed event location , But if you start planning, you quickly discover the opposite. At a wedding outside in the forest or park, there are many hidden costs. They have no chairs, tables, or any other furniture or decorations. Everything has to be rented and transported.

Another nice color palette for the wedding outside!

You must not skip the tent

There is hardly a forest region in which you would have guaranteed good weather even in summer. The chances of a sunny wedding are very high. However, there is certainly the possibility for rain or at least – for wind. In addition, it often gets a bit cooler in the evening. So you should get a tent.

This deco spreads vintage rustic flair!

Gardeinen and arcade wedding outside

Do something against insects

When planning the wedding out in the winter, one often forgets the problem with the insects. But these are likely to spoil many people’s good times. There are enough resources to drive them out. Some are quite organic and have a nice smell! So fighting the insects could also add value in this regard!

At a wedding outside, you can get creative with the seating!

hanging swing wedding outside

Enough toilets

In the course of the wedding guests will have to go to the bathroom more often. It should not be complicated or uncomfortable. Because such factors really spoil the mood, especially the ladies. There should be enough toilets installed. They would have to be easy to reach and at the same time not be positioned too close to the tables!

Some event locations combine forest and beach

wedding outside on the beach

How do your guests arrive?

Remote places for forest weddings can be a challenge for the guests. Even if you drive there by car, you could not return in the same way. Because you drank! Will taxis get there often enough? Or maybe you organize a different kind of transport. Be that as it may, you should look into this question in detail.

DIY projects are a perfect match for forest weddings

wedding outside beer barrel decoration

Consider the lighting for the wedding outside

If it gets dark during the forest wedding, you can not just turn on the lights. You need enough candle lights. They have to be strategically distributed so that everything is clearly visible. The toilets and service corners must be well lit. Also think about the fire protection. Save the candles against wind and contact with dry branches. Surely you do not want to experience an accident at the wedding outside, and in the course of the celebration you just get a little more inattentive.

Noble and rural in one. That’s fine!

wedding outside noble place for wedding

The forest wedding follows old traditions and awakens magical feelings in us. At the same time, however, it is a real adventure, but it should definitely end pleasantly. Celebrate it nice and cheerful, but remember the practical details. So you certainly have a great time that will forever be remembered!

The flower decoration can set accents in a very creative way

wedding outside heart deco on a great frame

Against the green background, every decoration is very strong

wedding outside beautiful table setting
Outdoor seating in the woods
wedding outdoors steak idea

Another great example of DIY decoration for the garden wedding!

wedding outdoor great lighting
wedding outside great curtains
wedding outside great swing

Provoke original seating in the woods!

wedding outside great seats in the forest
wedding outside, great tree
Wedding outside in the woods

The place of the wedding ceremony can be decorated so simply, but nicely

Candles in the forest. Wedding outside
menu wedding outside
Couple in the forest. Wedding outside

Noble rustic decoration for the wedding outside

beautiful floral deco wedding outside
beautiful candles and leaves wedding outside
beautiful place for wedding ceremony outside

The decoration must be easy and quick to install!

Seating in the forest. Wedding outside
chairs outside wedding idea
tables for wedding outside

Beige and green is a great combination for the garden wedding!

table setting wedding outside
great sheer curtains wedding outside

Be sure to think about the practical aspects!

Outdoor wedding signboard
white green chairs wedding outside