What To Do If You Have Low Blood Pressure?

Low blood pressure is not a disease. But it is good to know the symptoms that cause the sinking to avoid the discomfort. What to do when low blood pressure, many people ask. It is useful to know some methods that can normalize your blood pressure, and we will give you just that today.

Hypotension – What to do when low blood pressure

What to do when low blood pressure low blood pressure

Low blood pressure – the symptoms

Fatigue, weakness, dizziness, nausea and in some cases unconsciousness. You are probably well aware of this condition if you are from people with low blood pressure. You may have already found a successful strategy that will help you in these situations.

Sit down, lie down, drink a glass of water are just a few of the most commonly used methods that help us with low blood pressure. Here are some things you should know.

Headache is one of the many symptoms of low blood pressure

low blood pressure symptoms what to do at low blood pressure

Heat and humid air – a dangerous combination

The heat is an absolute enemy for you if you suffer from hypotension. This can lead to drastic lowering of blood pressure and, in the worst case, to unconsciousness. Avoid being in well-lit and sweaty rooms.

Get up quickly – no way!

Avoid getting up suddenly, especially when waking up. Stay in bed for a few more minutes and then slowly get up.

A glass of water and a little salt can do wonders

low blood pressure what to do when low blood pressure

What To Do When Low Blood Pressure: Drink Many Liquids!

If your blood pressure drops sharply, drink a glass of salted water or yogurt with a little water and salt. This compensates for the loss of sodium salts in the body. Drink in small sips.

eating fruits and vegetables what to do in case of low blood pressure

Eat more fruits and vegetables

These are rich in minerals and help to recover the elements that we lose by sweating. Heavy sweating, whether caused by heat, exercise or stress, can lower blood pressure. In case of excessive sweating you lose a lot of body fluid and together with it mineral salts, especially potassium and magnesium. These are important blood pressure regulators. Rich in potassium are the dried and fresh apricots, black chocolate, beans, potatoes, spinach, pumpkins, zucchini, bananas, raisins and almonds. A good and natural source of magnesium are the green leafy vegetables, peanuts, almonds, avocado, brown rice and oatmeal.

Avoid standing for a longer time

Standing for a long time is particularly unhealthy for people with hypotension because it hinders the venous return of blood to the heart. In such situations, it is good to take small steps forwards and backwards to stimulate blood circulation.

Avoid the strong sun

What to do when low blood pressure sun avoid low blood pressure

Between 12 and 15 o’clock necessarily in the shade!

In the summer, the hours between 12 and 15 o’clock are very risky for people, who suffer from low blood pressure. Prolonged exposure to the sun or exercising during this time of day can dramatically lower blood pressure. The reason is the rapid warming of the body, which works to cool the skin. As a result, the blood pressure drops. However, if you should get out during this period, take a bottle of drinking water and thermal water with you to spray your skin.

More fresh air

Ventilate regularly the rooms in which you are staying. Stale and bad air lowers blood pressure. It is also important to ventilate properly. If you do this during the hottest time of the day, it makes little sense. Ventilate in the morning and in the evening – the air is much fresher then.

Salt is very helpful in this case

low blood pressure what to do at low blood pressure

Take a little salt

This is the fastest preventative measure against low blood pressure and not the caffeinated and gaseous drinks, as most people think. The diet is also very important. In warm weather or during sports training, it is possible that the blood pressure drops to 100 mm Hg. To make up for this, eat foods that contain more water and sodium salts – cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and yoghurt that regulate bowel function.

Promote blood circulation

Woman laying on the floor of her house next to a red wall

Put your legs up

Note blood pressure fluctuations, sit down and lift your legs up. This promotes the venous return of the blood from the peripheral parts of the body to the heart and normalizes the blood pressure.

Now you have some helpful answers to the question: what to do if you have low blood pressure. Apply these measures and stay in good health.

Take a bottle of water with you during training

What to do when drinking low blood pressure Drink a lot of water

The lack of energy can indicate a low blood pressure

What to do when low blood pressure low blood pressure symptoms

However, consult a doctor

low blood pressure symptoms low blood pressure what to do when low blood pressure

Dilute yogurt with water

low blood pressure symptoms what to do when low blood pressure blood sugar too low

Ventilate in the morning and in the evening

fresh air what to do at low blood pressure

Black chocolate is very rich in magnesium and potassium

black chocolate low blood pressure what to do at low blood pressure

Eat more raisins

What to do while eating low blood pressure raisins