Lavender And Lemon Oil: The Health Benefits!

Many of us know that the essential oils have a positive impact on body and soul. Today we want to talk about lavender and lemon oil and how to prepare a mixture for more energy!

Lemon oil, lavender oil or both together!

Lemon oil lavender essential oils effect

Lavender oil is obtained by distilling the flowers of the plant

The oil has a light and universal balancing effect, dominates strongly fluctuating emotions and helps the nervous system.

It has a positive effect on the flu, headaches, migraines, high blood pressure, allergies, dizziness, broken bones, bloating, hormonal imbalances and ingrown nails.

The lavender oil is also good for the skin and very useful for burns, wounds and scars.

Ensure your good mood

lavender oil effect lemon oil healthy

This oil has an antiseptic effect, relieves minor wounds and burns, generally relaxing and improves sleep. In addition, it has a positive effect in curing asthma, bronchitis, chronic cough and runny nose, premenstrual syndrome, tension and depression.

The lavender oil can serve as a first aid for insect bites, cuts and abrasions, herpes, dandruff, psoriasis, Exemen and acne. It stimulates the cell formation, frees of accumulated body water and balances the skin moisture.

Tip: It is best combined with cedar, sage, geranium, pine, nutmeg and all citrus oil species.

Keep insects away with lemon oil

healthy life lemon oil effect

Lemon oil is obtained mainly from the fruit kernels

It has a fresh and refreshing aroma, stimulating effect and is a great antidepressant. The oil is also removed by squeezing the lemon peel.

The lemon oil lowers the stomach acid and in this way improves digestion. It also helps with rheumatism, arthritis, gout, cellulitis, abscesses, boils, acne, anemia, cough and cold. Has an appetizing effect and relieves insect bites. Since this has a photosynthetic effect, one should be careful with the application on the skin, because there is a risk that arise in contact with light pigmentation disorders.

Lemon oil also has an invigorating, repressive and cleansing effect: stimulates blood circulation, detoxifies toxins and uric acid, helps against headaches, asthma and warts.

Tip: The lemon oil combines with other essential oils, such as lavender, roses, sandalwood, frankincense, eucalyptus, geranium and fennel.

Aromatherapy for the home

essential oils effect lemon oil lavender oil

An oil mixture for more energy and concentration

As a base, use 20 drops of almond oil. Add 2 drops each of the following oils: cedar, cypress, rose, sandalwood and frankincense.

15 pots of the mixture are placed in the aroma lamp for a 40 square meter room.

Heal yourself in a natural way with the help of lavender and lemon oil and thus ensure your well-being.

The lemon oil regenerates the skin cells

Lemon oil effect lavender oil healthy

A cure for wounds

lavender healthy lavender oil effect

The aroma lamp and the essential oils help you to relax better

aromatherapy lemon oil essential oils effect

Cure the cold with lavender and lemon oil

lavender oil relax lemon oil

Breathe freely again!

lavender oil lemon oil healthy life