Intervall Fast – The Modern Way To A Healthy Weight Loss!

Fasting has been known since time immemorial and was followed for mental purification. But even before that Stone Age people have had to endure several days without food. So humans can do without food for a few days. Today as well. Therefore, interval fasting is gaining more and more popularity if desired for weight reduction. But German scientists have found in an experiment with rats that this can even protect against diseases such as diabetes. For longer periods of hunger, the cells have energy to regenerate. Interval fasting triggers salutary biomechanical changes in the body that lead to improved fat and sugar metabolism. These on the other hand avoid a yo-yo effect. Have we already aroused your interest?

This fasting has two possible methods and this is exactly what we would like to briefly summarize for you today.

Perfect figure and best health through interval fasting

How does interval fasting work?

You can choose between daily meal breaks or whole days of fasting. These are the methods 8:16, 16 hours is not eaten during the night and a daily meal should be canceled. The other method is 5: 2. Here is normal for 5 days a week and 2 days nothing. The metabolism thereby learns to live off its reserves and muscle breakdown is prevented.

Now to the methods in detail.

Two methods to choose from

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The 8:16 method

The whole days of fasting are difficult for some. Therefore, one can introduce longer meal breaks during the day. With the 8:16 fasting method you can skip one meal a day, so you do not eat for 16 hours. For example, if you have dinner at 4pm, you may have breakfast at 8am the next morning. Avoid any fast foods and sweets and generally eat a little less than usual.

The method 5: 2

Five days a week you can eat as usual and on two days you should reduce the calories. In women, these should be 500 calories a day and 600 for men. Bread, potatoes, noodles and sugar are completely taboo on these days. You can prepare light salads and clear vegetable broths. Also take a lot of water.

In general, you should only drink noncaloric beverages such as unsweetened tea, water or black coffee while fasting. The coffee should also be in moderation.

No snacks!

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Important to note

When interval fasting, it is important not to take more food than usual. Keep at least 4 to 5 hours between meals. Do without snacks and chocolates.

More tips: At the beginning of fasting, avoid exercising until you get used to the new rhythm. If you are on a 5: 2 diet, you should choose the weekend days for fasting in order to have enough time for breaks and to avoid stress. Small walks or easy Sport activities will only support the whole thing. Do not eat large portions after interval fasting. Water and unsweetened drinks help to quench hunger during meal breaks.

Avoid stress and restlessness

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Intervall fasting should not be done at:

  • pregnancy and breast feeding period
  • high age
  • Eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia
  • low blood pressure
  • different metabolic diseases
  • underweight
  • For chronic diseases, seek medical advice.

Stop the super strict and annoying diets. By the interval fasting lose a few pounds without starving, stimulate the metabolism and can even cure your body of inflammation and disease. But you should have a little more will to do that. We wish you good luck and stay healthy!

The dinner could be a healthy salad

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The fasting method 8:16 helps you sleep better

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A handful of nuts dispels the feeling of hunger

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The weekend is perfect for the two days without food

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Drink fruit juice without sugar

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Intermittent fasting 16 8 Detox cure quickly

Take a little walk after dinner

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One to two coffees a day, without sugar are allowed

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Let yourself be surprised by the effect

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A smoothie is just like a meal

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Drinking a lot of water is always good

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