Healthy Diet: Seven Signs That You Are Not Eating Enough Vegetables And Fruits

Most healthy-minded people know how difficult it is to eat enough vegetables and fruits. The rule of thumb is that you have to consume one teacup per day from each type of food. At first glance, this seems like a very small challenge. But if you follow it closely, you will find that this is not so easy to do. Especially if you do not eat at home. However, we do not want to accuse you. But there are some sure signs that you can tell if you are eating enough fruits and vegetables or not.

Every season, your healthy food can be colorful

healthy food autumnal mix

The healthy diet contains many colors

Let’s start with a very simple method: ask yourself how many colors your meals have. If these are rather monotonous, then it is almost certain that you are not eating enough vegetables and fruits. The healthy diet differs according to the bright colors it contains.

If you do not come from chemical dyes, it’s almost certain that you have a balanced group of nutrients on your plate.

Fruits, vegetables and protein are a great combination

healthy food several fruits

Bruises on the skin after injuries

If your skin quickly develops blue spots after gently bumping into any object, it is a sure sign of vitamin C deficiency. This is best enriched by eating vegetables and fruits. For this, you should include in your healthy diet so many peppers, kale and all kinds of green leafy vegetables. Mix with broccoli, Brussels cabbage and tomatoes.

Salad with fruits and dressing – great example of healthy nutrition

healthy diet nice mix with fruits and vegetables

Chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue can be the result of many health problems. However, if you are generally comfortable and yet easily exhausted, that is almost certainly due to the lack of fruits and vegetables. Anemia could in the long run be a consequence of wrong diet. If you need to catch up quickly, eat more avocado, broccoli, cauliflower, corn and carrots.

There are many great soups with delicious vegetable blends

healthy food great vegetable soup

They caught cold more often

Healthy nutrition and especially the consumption of vegetables and fruits strengthens your immune system. By adequate consumption of these you will again be more resistant to viruses. Vegetables and fruits in sufficient quantities fight free radicals and detoxify your body.

The cooked vegetables can be wonderfully combined with cheese

Mix with cheese healthy food

You have problems with concentration and memory?

You have bad memory and concentration issues, even though you are actually too young for it? This may be due to increased stress, but you may have a problem with the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Try to increase the amount of these and see if anything improves. If you eat more, you will get more of the ingredient lutein. This is good for concentration and memory, as well as eye health.

Quinoa and vegetables – that’s also a great idea for healthy eating

healthy food great vegetable mix

Overcoming the stress

Even the bad one Mastery of stress for no apparent reason could be a sign of lack of consumption of vegetables and fruits. In this case we may be more susceptible to inflammation and these irritate our nervous system. In this case, your menu must contain mostly healthy vegetable fats and antioxidants.

You can also enjoy healthy fruits and vegetables in the form of juice

healthy food great fruit juices

Tense muscles

The tense muscles are a sign of lack of consumption of vegetables and fruits. The healthy diet should minimize these symptoms. Above all, you should focus on the vegetables and fruits that are rich in potassium. These are the bananas, potatoes, mushrooms, green leafy vegetables and dry fruits.

The portions of fish and vegetables are just as healthy

fish and vegetables healthy food

So you have enough vegetables at home

There are some strategies with which you always have enough vegetables at home. For example, You can freeze or preserve the great fruits of the season in a different way so that you can eat them all year round. Furthermore, you can prepare the necessary vegetables for the week ahead at the weekend. This can include cutting or thawing. This makes it easier to quickly prepare meals during the week.

Enjoy plenty of summer salads!

healthy diet salad and fruits idea

Discover the variety of vegetables for your healthy diet

healthy diet different types of vegetables

The healthy diet is almost always just vegetables!

healthy diet vegetable mealtime

A few more ideas for delicious healthy juices!

great juices from fruits healthy food