Frankincense Effect And Application – A Spiritual Substance

Still called the aroma of the sun and god’s race, the frankincense has an almost magical effect and the health benefits of this resin are innumerable. What effect does the incense have and what can it cure, you will learn today.

Frankincense tree and the resin beads

What is frankincense?

Called Olibaum or Boswellia, it is one and the same medicinal tree that thrives in India, East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Frankincense is an air-dried resin that is extracted from the bark of the frankincense tree by scratching it. The accumulated plant juice solidifies in the air and forms yellowish or brownish grains.

Burning produces a strong aromatic fragrance that has a calming effect on body and soul. At normal temperatures, the incense grains are odorless.

The healing effect of incense resin

Frankincense effect

The frankincense has a strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, improves blood pressure and strengthens the immune system. It is even believed that he successfully fights some cancer cells. It is an effective cure for arthritis and a range of musculoskeletal disorders. The frankincense helps with swelling and muscle cramps, reduces asthma attacks, heals inflammatory bowel disease, such as ulcerative colitis and helps against kidney stones.

Because frankincense has an intoxicating effect, it is accepted as a good antidepressant and helps to relieve stress and anxiety. It is not only used as a healing method in psychotherapy, but also in aromatherapy. The frankincense has a soothing and toning effect and helps with insomnia.

Cure cold with frankincense

Healing with frankincense

There are two methods of healing – externally, by inhaling the smoke or by compressing and ingesting, whereby the incense should be taken carefully without touching the teeth, as this causes strong tooth discoloration.

  • In case of asthmatic bronchitis – Take 3 apples and cut off the upper side with the style as a lid and take out the core center. Add some frankincense, cover with lid and bake in the oven. Eat an apple for 5 days before a meal.
  • In case of cold and shortness of breath – A piece of wool cloth is sprinkled with a little vinegar, frankincense and black pepper and placed on the chest.
  • Kidney stones – an incense grain is wrapped in some bread with honey and taken in the morning on an empty stomach.

An old therapy and healing method

The incense and the religion

About the frankincense is already reported in the Old Testament and the evangelical legends. He is an inseparable part of the worship because it is believed that the incense has a purifying effect. The ancient Persians have taken the incense resin beads to strengthen the mind and mind. He was then considered a precious gift and therapeutic.

Frankincense Effect: A smoke that invigorates the spirit

Interesting facts

The ancient Egyptians have prepared rejuvenating facial masks with incense resin. They also used it to mummify outstanding people.

The Chinese believed that inhalation with incense would cleanse the mind and soul. And as the smoke spirals up, they believe it is a source of inspiration and a way to reach the divine.

Convince yourself of the incense effect and benefit from its healing power.

The frankincense tree grows in special conditions

Frankincense therapy with resin and oil

Frankincense Effect: The frankincense heals inflammatory bowel disease

About the incense is already written in the Old Testament

Frankincense oil helps against wrinkles