9 Healthy Foods For A Healthy Summer

The summer is half over and you still want to take the best out of it. In the following article, we will try to help you! Because there are so many foods that we can not enjoy so fresh in the other seasons. Some of them are especially healthy and valuable to us. 9 healthy foods that we can not have in such good quality at other times of the year – that is our topic in this article.

Basil as a plant – healthy food decoration

healthy food basil vegetables

Healthy foods that we should eat in large quantities in the summer


There is hardly a summer dish that does not turn into a super tasty meal once you add to this basil. In addition, this product is very rich in vitamin K and antioxidants. That’s why it’s practically obligatory for the summer dishes.

Add basil leaves to the salad of delicious tomatoes. Sheep cheese and olive oil would give your dish a Mediterranean aftertaste.

You live healthier if you eat delicious grapes

great grapes healthy food


Sweet, aromatic and full of antioxidants – these are the grapes. They are healthy foods and are also a powerful source of vitamin K. It helps maintain your bones, and keeps your blood pressure in good health. In addition, regular consumption of grapes could positively affect memory function, concentration and thinking in general. This is true for all varieties and you could mix them to make a great smoothie.

Corn – Idea for delicious food and healthy life

Most of the meat is healthy food

Sweet corn

Nothing is more delicious than the corn, whether cooked or baked on the grill. They could improve the taste a bit with butter. The corn is not only delicious, but we get a lot of protein and fiber, as well as magnesium and vitamin B6. We can easily eat this product or add it to various salads and other dishes.

Peaches – healthy foods that we should always enjoy!

delicious peaches dessert healthy food


Every time you enjoy delicious peaches, your body is supplied with antioxidants, vitamins C, A and potassium. Did you know that there are different culinary combinations with these fruits? For example, they can be wonderfully added to various summer salads. And you can prepare them on the grill next to other vegetables and fruits.

Hot, healthy foods like hot peppers are not only delicious, they are also healthy

healthy food paprika idea

Hot paprika

Do you love the pungent taste? In the summer you can get this naturally by the hot peppers. The peppers are found in large quantities. They go well with Mediterranean and other Mediterranean or Asian dishes. By the way, they help against belly fat!

Melons have many healthy properties

healthy food two pieces of watermelon


Watermelons are also symbols of summer. And it’s no coincidence that you taste so good. Through these we can hydrogenate ourselves in a delicious way well. Likewise, our immune system is boosted by the high content of vitamin C and Antioxidant lycopene ,

Fill the peppers with delicious and equally healthy foods!

paprika stuffed healthy food

Red peppers

The red peppers are one of the strongest sources of vitamin C and they come with a number of other healthy ingredients. It is the dietary fiber, indeed vitamin B6 and the also mentioned ingredient lycopene. They are to be enjoyed in fresh salads, but also cooked, for example, filled with various other delicious foods.

There are many healthy recipe ideas with fresh peas

healthy food great peas idea

The fresh peas

The fresh peas are just as healthy foods that you could and should enjoy in bulk in the summer. They are one of the healthiest sources of protein. The fresh peas can be added rough to various salads. This gives your body more fiber, vitamin C and K.

Basil also participates in many healthy recipes

healthy food basil idea

White trots are healthy food…

healthy food green grapes

… as well as the red…

healthy food delicious grapes

Mix different vegetables to a tasty and healthy salad

healthy food corn vegetable mix

Delicious peaches like these should be part of a healthy menu!

delicious peaches healthy food

Or maybe you feel like a great watermelon cocktail?

great summery drink healthy food