6 Freshly Squeezed Juices, Which Are Proven Health

According to many American scientists, the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables is very healthy, since the cellulose contained therein (which actually has no calories) acts as an”internal broom”for peristalsis. The other major factor is that fruits and vegetables have an alkaline, metabolic effect. Because they deliver a large amount of metal ions. However, a large proportion of these scientists claim that for even faster and more effective body prophylaxis and cure of various diseases, it is better to drink fruit and vegetables in the form of freshly squeezed juices. This is because the juices are absorbed much faster and better by the organism – usually in 15 to 30 minutes. During this time, the digestive system does not consume energy to absorb it well. Today we will present to you 6 most preferred freshly squeezed juices and their benefits to our health.

Freshly squeezed juices: very healthy and tasty at the same time

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The benefits of freshly squeezed juices

Vegetable and fruit juices are like one Detoxkur for our body. The juices should be made from well-ripened fruits and vegetables and drunk immediately after preparation.

Another great feature of the juices is that they can be drunk without quantity limitation.

But to have an effect, the daily dose should not be less than 600 ml of juice. There is no minimum quantity – the more, the better.

Quickly and simply prepare carrot juice

carrots juice detox juice freshly squeezed juices

Juice from raw carrots

Depending on your personal condition, the carrot juice can be consumed between 0.5 l and 2 l a day. This is the richest source of vitamin A, which digests the body the fastest. It still contains a large amount of vitamins B, C, D and A. The juice improves appetite, digestion and tooth structure.

Nursing mothers should drink carrot juice daily to improve milk quality. Sufficient intake during pregnancy, and especially in the last months of pregnancy, reduces the risk of developing sepsis at birth.

The raw carrot juice is a natural remedy for ulcers and cancers. It increases the body’s resistance to eye and throat diseases and, in general, to infections in the body. This juice protects the nervous system and can not be compared to any other source of energy and strength.

A valuable food for big and small

detox cure detox juice recipes freshly squeezed juices

The endocrine glands, particularly the adrenal and genital glands, require nutrients contained in the carrot juice. It can cure infertility. Liver and bowel diseases are also positively influenced by the juice. Dry skin, dermatitis and other skin diseases also arise from the deficiency of some of the elements contained in the carrots.

When the juice is made from quality carrots (organic), it is rich in living organic alkaline elements such as sodium and potassium. It also contains a lot of calcium, magnesium, iron and elements of phosphorus, sulfur, silicon and chlorine combine excellently with the elements named above.

Sometimes, with a larger intake of carrot juice, reactions can occur that are quite normal processes. These show that the body detoxifies itself.

The carrot juice is the best food except organic water that the half-dead cells and tissues of the body need ,

Tip: It should always be remembered that the freshly squeezed juices are the most valuable food. If we get used to taking them more and more often in our everyday lives, we will be healthy in the long term.

Strengthen your teeth

green smoothie freshly squeezed juices

cucumber juice

The cucumbers are the best diuretic. The cucumber and carrot juice have a very positive effect on rheumatic diseases, as these diseases are a consequence of uric acid storage in the body. Adding beetroot juice to this mixture speeds up the process.

The high potassium content in the cucumber makes it especially valuable in high and low blood pressure. The cucumber juice also helps in the bad tooth and gum condition.

Especially pregnant women can benefit from the dandelion

dandelion juice detox juice cure freshly squeezed juices

Dandelion juice

This juice is one of the most refreshing remedies. It contains a very high percentage of potassium, calcium and sodium and is also a rich source of magnesium and iron. The magnesium is needed to strengthen the skeleton and prevent bone softening. The sufficient amount of organic magnesium, iron and calcium in the diet of the pregnant woman prevents tooth decay and tooth loss, and at the same time strengthens the baby’s bones.

The raw dandelion juice, prepared from the leaves and roots of the plant, combined with carrot juice and radish leaves juice helps with spinal disorders and bone pain.

Along with beetroot and parsley juice, the juice helps with anemia and dysfunction of the heart. This juice is particularly beneficial to the spleen and, in combination with almost all other juices, stimulates bile secretion and is helpful in both underactive thyroid and liver functions.

spinach juice detox cure recipes freshly squeezed juices

Raw”potassium soup”

A lot of vegetable worries are high in potassium. But the richest ones are the carrots, celery, parsley and spinach. For the good processing of the potassium, the juices of all these vegetables should be in the raw state and mixed without water. In this way the body absorbs the potassium best.

For the auscultation of a sick person, the potassium soup is worth gold.

No drug in the world can give you as many organic alkaline atoms, vitamins and hormones that are needed to heal the body, such as raw vegetables and raw juices.

Freshly squeezed juices: you can use all kind of peppers

freshly squeezed juices paprika juice

Pepper juice

This juice contains plenty of silicon, which is so important for nails and bones. In combination with carrot juice (25 to 50% paprika juice) it gives best results against skin spots.

People who suffer from flatulence, colic, and cramps are greatly relieved to drink up to 500g of paprika juice and the same amount of carrots and spinach daily.

Tip: You should know that the juices should be drunk on an empty stomach at intervals of 2 to 3 hours.

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Radish juice

No other vegetables contain as high a percentage of potassium as the leaves of the radish. And it is precisely for this reason that this juice is an excellent food for children and adults who suffer from softening of bones and teeth. Blended with carrots and dandelions, radish juice is one of the most effective ways of strengthening the teeth and all the bone tissue of the body.

The juice of carrots, spinach, radish and garden cress is used to treat hemorrhoids. This mixture is taken for a month, 1 liter per day.

Other health-proven juices include cabbage, celery, garlic, chicory, horseradish, dill, parsnip, potatoes, tomatoes and green beans.

Also try to make the healthy, fresh-squeezed juices a part of your everyday menu. Be healthy and live life full of strength!

Detoxify your body with freshly squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables

freshly squeezed juices detox juice

The pineapple is considered a miracle cure

pineapple juice freshly squeezed juices

Slimming with freshly pressed cucumber and spinach juice

detox cure recipes freshly squeezed juices

lemon water Strengthens the immune system and promotes weight loss

Lemons as a natural laxative freshly squeezed juices
watermelon juice fresh juice detox juice treatment

The freshly squeezed orange juice can be enjoyed all year round

freshly squeezed juices detoxkur recipes

Freshly squeezed juices: A great combination of fruit and vegetables

freshly squeezed juices detox juice recipes

A healthy and refreshing idea for the summer

fresh drinks freshly squeezed juices
freshly pressed juices detox cure

Freshly squeezed pear juice

healthy life freshly pressed juices detox cure

Freshly squeezed juices: cure stomach problems with cabbage juice

krautsaft detox saftkur freshly squeezed juices

The lychee juice is very rich in folic acid and potassium

lychee juice freshly squeezed juices
Celery juice freshly squeezed juices

The tomato juice activates the metabolism

tomato juice freshly squeezed juices detox cure
detox juices juice diet juice freshly squeezed juices

Freshly squeezed juices: try different combinations

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