Trend Hairstyles On The Catwalk – Inspirational Images With Tips

As always, new trends in the fashion world will be announced this autumn. This rule also applies to the hairstyles. Trend hairstyles of the current avant-gardists have been presented on the catwalk this season. In order to be inspired by the highlights as well, we have exhibited some pictures for you with the main ideas of famous stylists. With these pictures you can inform yourself about the current trends in hairstyles, styles and colors. Today we would like to advise you on how you can imitate some elements of avant-garde hairstyle trends in everyday life. Tips are also included.

Messy Hair with Boho decoration

Avant-garde hairstyle styling autumn

The ideas of the stylists

Fashion does not change so fast. Current trends from recent years remain current or change a bit to give way to new ideas. What influences fashion designers is not just everyday life, but also nature, exotic travel, the cinema world and the imaginary future. Style and hairstyle should be unanimous.

If you want to experiment with the styles and bring variety into your everyday life, you could scroll down and get inspired.

The doll look in straw blond

Hairstyles net volume autumn

Trend hairstyles, styles and colors in autumn 2017

  • Boho is still trendy this year. The followers of this style feel free and like to do something new, such as traveling for example. If you want to act as a boho woman, you can combine your boho clothes with matching hairstyle and jewelry. Boho style likes the long, free, often curly hair in natural colors such as hazelnut brown, caramel, velvet red and chocolate brown. They are combined with special accessories – earrings made of pheasant feathers or Indian necklaces.
  • Even the look of Barbie Girl (doll’s look still called) is now ultra modern. The colors determined by the doll look are straw-colored, honey-blonde or multicolored ( Mermaid look ). Jewelery in all shades of pink color fits perfectly. Tip: Give your hair more volume by teasing it with the hair comb and then spray it with the hair spray. Or smooth your hair with a flat iron or with the help of a round hairbrush and a hair dryer. Another variation is to make small waffles with the straightening iron.
  • Elegance is certainly never indispensable in the fashion world. Trendy hairstyles for the elegant woman are Bob, straight hair with a straight crown and others. On official occasions braids are preferred, which look very neat and tidy and shine with great splendor.
  • The fashion wave”Retro”is still in. You could grab back to the hair wraps and / or the curling iron and give curls your hair a look of the 50s.
  • Updos, ponytails and fishtails enjoy great attention and are wrapped even finer and daintier with natural highlights.

The Mermaid look

Avant-garde hairstyles Styling Mermaid

What has changed?

The limits of thinking in the fashion world have fallen. Now there are millions of variations for a woman to unfold and express her femininity. It is about a new self-confidence and a stronger role of the woman in today’s life, which occurs more and more prominent in society.

Follow the hairstyle trends described above and always be up to date.

Updos with finely wound highlights are receiving applause

Avant-garde hairstyles styling autumn idea

Native American influence – Hairstyle made of feathers in maroon with red nuances

Avant-garde hairstyles Indian smooth

A Star Wars inspired model – straight hair styling in maroon with blond highlights

Avant-garde hairstyles Star Wars styling

The geisha look: rolls in honey and gold blond with cherry pink decoration

Avant-garde hairstyles cherry geisha roll

Exotic style with secrets from the mysterious jungle

Avant-garde hairstyles tropical autumn

This artistic Proektbaum advocates updo

Hairstyles avant-garde tree knot

Hairstyle with elements of the future: the rectilinear vertex is also in

Avant-garde hairstyles Chinese styling

The hair (like the autumn leaves) is painted in several shades (Balayage technique)

Hairstyles shorthair avant-garde autumn

A model with an opulent hairstyle in straw blond

Avant-garde hairstyles hedgehog

Become a fairy with this hairstyle that radiates feminine tenderness

Avant-garde hairstyles idea autumn fairy

Every honored careerist should wear her hair very neat and well-groomed

Avant-garde hairstyles wedding beautiful

Projection of hairstyle – a wire

Avant-garde hairstyle wire styling

Colorful braided hairstyle – the Mermaid look

Avant-garde hairstyle styling braiding autumn

Thin lichens surround the airy knot

Avant-garde hairstyles small braid

Braids become less girlish

Avant-garde hairstyles extravaganza

Enjoy the colors and the variety

Avant-garde hairstyles Colorful