Simple Hairstyles To Make Your Own: Original And Simple Braids

You have long and beautiful hair and you do not want to change that? At the same time you are constantly told that a change of image would not harm you? You can do that without a haircut. The following simple hairstyles make your hair appear differently each time. They work very fast and can become part of the morning routine. Be inspired by our Bradis Tutorials.

The classic braids are currently very popular

Simple hairstyles braids

Braids can be easy

These are braid or updo hairstyles that are known on official occasions. However, they are somewhat simplified and adapted to everyday life. Braids are a great solution for long hair so you will always look elegant and slightly different. Many people mistakenly consider the braids to be quite time consuming and complicated.

We would like to convince you of the opposite with the following models.

You can braid your ponytail in this original way

simple hairstyles ponytail

Simple hairstyles: Simple techniques for braids

Even if you decide to tie your hair in a braid, it does not have to be very complicated and expensive. These are simple hairstyles, if you know the right technique. Herringbone, Waterfall, French and Dutch braids are only four the popular one Looks that are relatively easy to do after a certain practice time.

Braiding hair all hair simple hairstyles

Only a part of the hair plait braid

Have you never tied your hair to a braid? You can start with something simple: Just braid the strand around your face into a braid. This can be decorated as in our next example with a hair band. Depending on where you pull the hair apex, the braid may also be slightly laterally.

With such simple hairstyles, your face looks more open

simple hairstyles pigtails

Tie the hair into a ponytail first, then braid it

Many of the lavish looks are based on simple hairstyles. The braids are a wonderful example of this. The complex and difficult part of these lies in the hair-cutting into different strands. Dividing them exactly and evenly is not for everyone. And to be honest: Early in the morning before work you have no time and no desire for it. One solution would be to first tie the hair into a ponytail and then braid it into a braid. It’s pretty easy and gives you lots of creative possibilities. Here you can wrap the braid around your head according to hair length or put it up with hair clips etc. Also you can see some great ideas in our picture gallery.

Hairstyles ponytail

Updos made easier

Updos can also be very easy. There are a number of simple techniques in which you use a band and tie the hair around it. Such a tutorial of pictures you see under this text!

Updo simple hairstyles

Other advantages of the simple braids

Have we convinced you that the hair pots can be quite simple? These also have many benefits that affect the upcoming winter season. The high-set or braided hairstyle is better preserved even in windy weather. Bound hair is also much easier to wear under a hat or a cap without ruining the hairstyle. Convinced?

Simple Hairstyles Braids
Simple hairstyles to make yourself
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Simple hairstyle with a simple style of hair