Short Hairstyles 2018 – Trends Overview And Inspirational Ideas

Do you prefer short hairstyles for the summer because they are comfortable and also give you a confident look? The effect would be even better if you also draw ideas from the fashion trends in this area. Asymmetrical shapes and pure lines are some of the main trends for this year. Much of 2017 has also been adopted and can still be worn this season. But let’s look at some concrete examples together!

For a noble occasion you can use a noble hair accessory

noble hair ornaments short hairstyles

Romantic short haircuts

For several seasons, the haircuts of women are generally shorter. But they remain very romantic. The middle bobs or squares are already among the short haircuts. Combined with asymmetrical finishes and waves, they look particularly romantic. You can find great inspiration with Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson.

The short hairstyles can look just super modern due to the matching selection of colors

short hairstyles blond gray hair

Short haircuts with a masculine look

In addition to the already described very romantic trend is there a masculine one? It is here of the very short, classic hairstyling the speech. Many women with beautiful and elegant features can actually emphasize their femininity with a manly haircut. If you do not believe that, then look at the short haircuts from Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. These should encourage and convince you.

Tiger Eye in combination with a short haircut would be a very modern choice

short hairstyles brown hair roots and blond hair

The modern hair colors

You can also differentiate the modern short haircuts by color. There are also two main trends here that are pretty much diverging. On the one hand are the natural hair shades such as brown, blond, reddish and black total all in. Add to that the fantastic neon shades, which combine very well with classic colors. In the end, a balanced and at the same time very modern appearance emerges. The striking metallic colors will continue to be fashionable in 2018 as well. Especially current is the so-called Tiger-eye trend. As inspiration serve the colors of the animal, but also of the gem named after him. The variations in the implementation of this idea for the hair color is carried out either by the dark shading of the roots or the bright of the remaining hair. Alternatively, one could stain highlights in dark and light nuances.

2018 is also the individualization of short hairstyles with braids trendy

short hairstyles a little braid

Modern Bobs

The Bob hairstyles are classics among the shorthair carvings. How can we bring this into line with current trends? Again, the introduction of asymmetric elements is important here. The trendy color combinations can additionally update your popular Bob. Continue to rely on waves and medium volume.

A modern short haircut may look girlish

short hairstyles a great braid

Interesting casual braids and accessories

Finally, we would like to encourage you to individualize the short hairstyles and interesting own ideas. Ideas for many of them can be found in our pictures. These are small braids that make wearing short hairstyles even more comfortable and also give the appearance an individual style. Combining with accessories brings more variety. Through the latter, you could also adapt your short hairstyle to different occasions.

The classic short haircuts are just as well in the current trends

short hairstyles hair behind the ear

Choose short haircuts that emphasize your individual appearance

short hairstyles classically bound together

This wavy short hairstyle was a hit in 2017. It is just as modern in 2018.

short hairstyles latino boy style

Convertible short haircuts are ideal for the upcoming summer season

short hairstyles nice short hair

Both the more, and the less conspicuous asymmetries are 2018 current

short hairstyles wavy brown hair color
short hairstyles wavy hairstyle of light and dark blond
short hairstyles braid in the crest

Ombre effect with natural hair colors remains current for short haircuts

reddish hair idea short hairstyles
great brown hair short hairstyles
Hairstyles short hair-garde Autumn

Or you can opt for contrasts between blond and dark brown

Beyonce-short hair-with-blond-strand
Short hair-Dido
rose-gold-blond tones kurzhaar hairstyles-hair color-blond

Many ladies feel much freer with a short haircut

short hair hairstyles-hair color-blond-blond tones
hairstyles-bob-hairstyle-pageboy-stylish kurzhaar hairstyles

With dark hair roots, you can make classic blonde short hairstyles look more modern

bob-haircut-pageboy-stylish kurzhaar hairstyles
trendy-hairstyles-stylish kurzhaar hairstyles-pageboy hairstyle-
stylish kurzhaar hairstyles-page cut-pageboy hairstyle-

Female features are often emphasized even more with a short haircut

stylish kurzhaar hairstyles-haircut-bob-bob-stepped
stylish kurzhaar hairstyles-stepped-bob-hairstyle-pageboy
stylish kurzhaar hairstyles-hairstyles-bob-hairstyle-pageboy