Minimalist Hairgrips For Gold-brown And Other Natural Hair Colors

The gold-brown shades are a great current hair trend 2018. Within this we find many modern interpretations. Because of this, and because of the universal nature of these hair colors, he is expected to be selected by many women this year. With such natural hair trends, the border between the tasteless, characterless and the noble”peasant”is very narrow. With the following ideas for hair clips in noble metallic nuances you achieve an upscale and chic effect!

The repetition of geometric shapes is very topical with the hairpins

triangular shape hair clips

Hairpins in abstract and geometric shapes

Take a look at the examples of hair clips in our article? They are very simple and yet they look upscale and modern.
They have, so to speak, the value of a work of art. This can be explained by some aspects of their elaboration. In addition to the obviously noble materials and the execution in golden Metallics play also the geometric shapes and its symbolic meaning plays a big role.

In addition, of course, comes the perfect craftsmanship.

The simple slim lines make up as many noble jewels

triangular shape hair clips

Hair accessories that correspond perfectly with the hairstyle

The hairstyles and hairpins can be seen in our role models as an artistic entity. The one belongs to the other. This individual character symbolizes the modern understanding of hair accessories. But you should pay attention to the perfect balance between these and your favorite hairstyle ideas when choosing your hairpins.

Oversized hair clips are just great for thick hair!

hair clips wide shape idea

Subtle and still striking

Should the modern hair jewelry attract attention or disappear into the hair? Somehow it would have to be both. Golden, brown and black hairpins get colors with similar shades in the category”nude”or”peasant”. Artful forms and over the usual measure precipitating sizes nevertheless provide for conspicuousness.

Round hair clips are suitable for side hairstyles

hairclips raise the hair sideways

And what about the other hair trends?

The minimalist hairgrips are a response to the natural hair color trends of 2018. Therefore, they are best used in the combinations shown here. Certainly, these forms and the minimalist character can also be adapted to other shades on the modern collections. This is a particularly great challenge for the experimenters among you!

Golden shading of the hair clips can combine perfectly with brown hair

hair clips tie a strahn

Interesting symbolism is often selected for the current hair clips

hairclips hair clip with an arrow

The hair jewelry can make the whole hairstyle much more interesting

hair clips interesting noble form

A great modern interpretation of classic hair jewelry!

hair clips interesting exotic hairstyle

The current trends under the hair jewelry are pretty romantic

hair clips small piece
Hair clips round discreetly
hair clips beautiful wide hair clip

The selected hair clips should be able to support your favorite hairstyle!

hair clips beautiful geometry idea
hair clips great oval hair clip
hair clips great side hairstyle

Often, modern hair accessories look like art!

hair clips great ornament
hairclips like a diamond
Hair clips for pinning hair

Do not neglect the simple, classic forms!

hair clips two noble ideas