Mermaid Hair: Romantic And Original Variations And Ideas

Mermaid hair is a type of hairstyle inspired by fairytales and legends of marine mermaids and mermaids. You dye the hair in blue and different nuances of this color. The Marmaid hairstyle has different variations and they all look very romantic.
However, we must warn you that in most cases you need to lighten your hair. We recommend that you have your hair styled by a professional hairdresser for at least the first time. In the following we point out some possibilities for Mermaid hair. However, when you become creative, you can certainly invent many variants of your own.

In this Mermaid Ombre, the dark nuances are in the upper part of the hair

mermaid ombre braid only blue

Mermaid hair in ombre

Mermaid hair in Ombre is a suitable variation if you want to combine several colors together. Continue to pair with green and silver shades. Usually you use the darker colors in the upper part of the hair. So you just emphasize the eyes more. In some cases you even opt for black or other very dark shading in the hairlines.

This achieves a very dramatic effect.

Mermaid Hair is synonymous only with a blue nuance

dark blue mermaid with a slight wave

Monochrome looks

In the combinations with the Marmaid hair you will find many different appealing shades. Do you think that one of them fits your face and eyes particularly well? Then you can choose these for a monochrome look.

The light blue color is chosen very often. It turns out to be very suitable for a monochrome Marmaid look. This type of hairstyle could also be done at home if you have very light hair. If a bleaching of these is needed, then we recommend again the professional help.
The advantage of dyeing with light blue color is that you can cover them with a darker shade in case of doubt.

So many great colors have the blue as a base

purple blue mermaid style

Combinations of different colors that contain blue

Blue-green and purple contain blue and can therefore be combined very well with this color. Mermaid style with different colored strands looks wonderful for this reason. Combine with romantic hair accessories, for example in the form of flowers. If you like this idea, but at the same time prefer a monochrome look, then you can opt for the very light pastel shades.

Multi-color hairstyles that contain blue can combine two or more shades. Our favorite combinations are purple and blue, as well as green and blue.

This colorful splendor is also Mermaid style

Blue crimson bright strands

Combinations with braids and other romantic styles

Because the Marmaid style of hair is very magical, it can be wonderfully combined with other romantic styles. So you should consider different braids in Marmaid shades. Choose a suitable color and hairstyle, then you can even choose this hair for an official occasion.

All other types of romantic cuts, braids and hairstyles are also wonderfully accented by the blue splendor that is called Marmaid Hair.

blue black mermaid style
Blue and purple mermaid
merely pale blue mermaid
imperial braid mermaid blond
brown blue purple streak
dark blue bright mermaid
greens and blues mermaid
light blue shades mermaid
light blue strand simple hairstyles
bright blue and other colors in pastel
mermaid hair plait braid many nuances
mermaid light blue green plain hairstyle
mermaid style light blue purple
mermaid and other garish streaks
ombre with blue mermaid
purple and purple mermaid style