Highlights Blond – Refresh Your Hairstyle According To The Current Trend

Is your hair already boring? Nevertheless you do not want to hear about a new Hairstyling. Then you can opt for blond hair. They are not only trendy, but also have many advantages. The blond highlights Will bring variety into the hair, apart from its length and ripple, underline the facial lines and give the hair extra volume.

Today, new techniques for highlighting are known. Forget the foils and hoods! So let the triumph be triumph! In text and image we want to explain all this again. Your hairdresser will surely recommend you the Ombre look or a balayage. The Balayage, the so-called”Hair Contouring”, offers you a very pleasant, more natural look. In the Balayage, the brighter parts of the hair pass over each other as if a free hand had painted the strands. This technique is also called after the last fashion”Tigerauge”. If you pre-order a balayage at the barber, your hair will look like kissed by the sun. This article is about the hair color Blond. But also consider that almost all hair colors and nuances can be done with the new techniques. Many celebrities also prefer to wear Ombre or Balayage.

Forget the foil technique, which is considered artificial

Blonde strand of dark hair

The Ombre look

Ombre look is a new hairstyle, which lightens the hair tips and leaves the rest of the hair dark. The technique is also called”dip-dye”. This hairstyle can be observed in several forms. It is thought of as a color duo, but in many nuances – from platinumblond to honeyblond to caramel tones and from dark-blond to brown nuances.

It is quite suitable for the summer as it transmits the effect of the sun and sea water effect on the hair. If you have a basically wavy hair, you do not need a hair straightener – leave it that way, and it will look ultra natural. We want to illustrate this for you now:

Interlaced hair with ombre effect

Long hair with ombre

Popstar Ciara in the Ombre look

Ciara Ombre Look

Blonde highlights in an ombre hair style

Blonde strand in the lower part of the hair

The Balayage

And now stands the long-sighted balayage On the agenda: this technology we want to present to you as the latest craze of fashion! In this technique one has to think in 3-dimensions and the hair into three parts. The strands are dyed”chaotic”at different intervals with different blond nuances. One calls the balayage in blond still”highlights”in the hair. This technique protects the hair and gently lightens it. It also goes if you have a very fine and / or thin hair. The strands pass over tone-in-tone and produce conspicuous contrasts without completely changing the hair color. Take a look at our picture gallery and get inspired!

So go boldly to the salon and give your hairdresser a new idea for yourself. Ombre or Balayage, you will have the necessary change and create beautiful moments with your new look! And we wish you all the best!

The Balayage looks quite natural

Blonde tresses

Curly hair can also be embellished with balayage

Blonde strand of frizzy hair

Jennifer Lopez looks very attractive with the highlights in her hair

Jennifer Lopez Highlights

The wavy hair of Beyonce shows itself in particular splendor with this Balayage

Curly hair Beyonce blonde strand
Beyonce short hair frisur with blond streaks
Light and darker blonde hair
Lindsay Lohan's blonde streaks
Forward blonde streaks
Ombre Hairstyle many nuances
Balayage the trend for the year 2017

Balayage technique Latin

Perfect highlights