Bob Hairstyles – The Absolute Trend For The Year 2015!

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Bob hairstyles for the year 2015

Find stylish Bob hairstyles? Yes, we find trendy, feminine and easy to do this! If you also believe, then you can look forward! Bob hairstyles are 2015 back in! There is also a danger that this would change in a foreseeable time. Where we know that, you ask? Well, we have a peek to Hollywood and seen that many prominent women wear these hairstyles.

While their stylists seem even better solutions than to have found some years ago.

A bit of history

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Before we talk in detail about the Bob hairstyles 2015, let us pause a moment. It would be however interesting to something don’t you know about the story of Bob’s?

Probably, this trend goes back to the second world war. At that time, many women were forced to enter the army. They had no time to maintain their hair too long. That’s why they have decided for the Bob hairstyles.

HM, today we are ladies very often in time trouble. Because we have many commitments, are also very responsible positions. So, we often don’t have time for long hair care.

The celebrity Bob hairstyles by 2015

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Many are the prominent ladies who wear a Bob hairstyle. These include, inter alia, Sienna Miller, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone. One observes more and more variety in the way how the stages have been inserted. They emphasize the individuality and the beautiful facial features always better. Even a Bob on almost any face type seems to be working.

Bob hairstyles with a straight pony

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Straight and blunt cut ponies along with Bob hairstyles are currently super popular. If the cut has been made suitable, light natural waves should form. If you have thicker hair, it is also fitting would be that you try to straighten the hair with hair dryer.

Layered hairstyles with light curls

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Bob hairstyles are very popular with gradations in light curls. They are easy to maintain, work but beautifully. Jennifer Lawrence is currently as a Variant.

Also for older ladies

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Older ladies, could also opt for this variant also over 60, who want to have a fresh. This is a funny, but at the same time elegant and classic choice, with which you could do virtually nothing wrong.

Allow the hair to fall out slightly longer

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You realize that more and more women opt for a longer variant of the Bob hairstyles. Thus various highlights go very well.

Or but too short

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She want very short Hahn and yet somehow soft and female work? If Yes, you should cut your hair too short Bob hairstyle.

Catherine McNail

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It is an example, how individual Bob hairstyles could be actually. Her look requires greater volume and they are also quite to reach.

Business look

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If you want to achieve a strict, original and even to easy-business look, then the Bob hairstyles are certainly a very good choice. Let some shorter strands to the face and playful turning it in one direction or the other. To work super original, but not too much notice, what sometimes as unserious could be understood.

Brooklyn Decker

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And a party could it also be hairstyle. Especially the longer variations of the Bob hairstyles could very much playful look a few curls and waves and be adapted to an evening mood. To do this, you could take the Brooklyn Decker’s style as an example.

With beautiful hair color combine long Bob hairstyle

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A matching cut for thin and fine hair

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The absolute hit in the year 2015!

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Asymmetrical Bob cut

Bob hairstyles Bob hairstyles medium length ranked

Side to wear the pony?

hairstyles Bob Kurz Bob hairstyle with bangs

Keep pace with the fashion this year

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