Autumn Type Color Palette – Autumn In The Hair!

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Autumn type color palette – chestnut color palette for the hair

Do you love this chestnut colors that look super natural? Yes, there are these great nuances that change a little something to us, but unnoticed so for others. The chestnut color plate of type of autumn of 2014 is rich! If you choose the current trends, which offers them, will have up to date and modern this even super.

Hair color trends

Herbsstyp color palette hair color trends

Autumn type color palette

This fall, the dark, somewhat closed coffee nuance is very up to date. After all, this hue has a few bright, glittering shades. The traits which you convey through this selection, are also the same. One has a little valve, more romantic, more restrained.

Bright shade

color palette autumn type chestnut color

Darker nuance

brown hair color palette autumn type

If you have lighter eyes, you want to emphasize, we have a suitable current trend for you. This fall, choose an darker and a lighter shade of the color palette. Enter the first in the upper part of the hair and the other – in the dark. So, you will emphasize your forehead and eyes. You will have enough very open, charming, playful, but always more serious.

The beautiful ombre style

ombre style hair color trends

Light brown eyes give very natural reddish hair . Many chestnut red shades can be found in the chestnut color palette of autumn type. So check if you cannot be the somewhat provokativere person who always wanted to be, through this.


autumn type color palette hair color trends

Hair style in red

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Stark Red

autumn type colour range red hair

Do you have a bronze shade on the face? Then you should combine those strands in chestnut color with Golden . This transition has a really natural look. Thus, to reach a ticket around the face.

Lighter Srähnen

hair color chestnut color autumn trends

But, do you know what is the best thing about this color palette of autumn type? You can wonderfully correct earlier mistakes which you have committed to your hair. See how this can work.

Have you chosen the right nuance for themselves? We wish you great results!

Elegant hairstyle

brown hair fall trends


Herbsstyp color palette brown hair color

Dark in the upper part, and brighter in the lower

autumn type color palette ombre style

Very nice, don’t you think?

autumn type color palette reddish streaks

Reddish hair

hair color trends autumn

Golden strands

hair color trends Braun Stähnen