10 Simple Plug-in Appliances With Instructions For Autumn

You have no idea how to change your hair depending on the season change? You want to bring variety into your hairstyle, but do not want your hairdresser to grab the scissors? Why, if your hair is long enough to get one Updo To style These are comfortable and practical, but they also carry special splendor and style. These will add a special romance and a new self-awareness to your appearance. Also for autumn, which is regarded as the season of nostalgia and melancholy, these hairstyles are highly recommended. We hope that you will be able to find out the perfect high-cut wedding dresses in autumn, an official event or Oktoberfest. Today we are inspired by the new tendencies as well as by the celebrities. In addition, we will give you ideas on each type of hair. Look at our pictures with instructions and choose something fancy!

1. Start with this chaotic knot!

This is the perfect decision to go out with friends or to the beach. This Dutt is primarily intended for a wavy hair.

Chaotic knot is a return to youthful look

Tie your hair up to the ponytail. Turn the hair to a knot. Ruffle it a bit. Do not tie the knot completely with the hairpin. Leave one or two streaks to fall casually forward. The hairstyle should look casual in all directions. So your chaotic knot to the beach and / or just to go out is quite finished!

2. Long and double ponytail!

If you have a dense and long hair, this hairstyle will stand out particularly well. This is especially recommended for romantic occasions.

The 2-tier ponytail makes you look very romantic

Also this unusual Hairstyling is not at all complicated to create! Divide your gorgeous hair into two parts – down low and up high. Tie the lower part. Then pluck the upper part, fix it with the hair spray and tie with a hair band. They have already tried to look more romantic than this!

3.The aristocratic Dutt

You know this look from the Hollywood stars of the 50s. If you want to have such an aristocratic atmosphere, the plug-in styling is not hard to style! Just follow the steps below and you will mimic a star.

This retro knot looks very aristocratic

The aristocratic knot

To make this hairstyle, you need the curling iron, haircuts and your handiness. Divide your hair in three – back and front in two, leaving the apex to the right. Turn the rear part tightly to give an oval knot. Make 3 large corkscrew locks from the remaining hair with the curling iron – 2 on the left and one on the right. Strengthen them with hairpins and the hairspray and your aristocratic look will also cheer.

4.The braid crown

These hairstyle Is also very relevant for Oktoberfest. It is effective and easy to clean.

A majestic braid crown for the Oktoberfest

The braid

From your open falling hair take two strands from the right and left. Braid these strings to small lichens. Cross the made braids by placing the hair into each other. Strengthen with hairclips. Lift the hair over the braids with the comb. Make your majestic braid crown with the hair spray!

5.The”Gwen Stefani”Chignon

You could wear such a dutt for an official occasion. He is chic and very easy to style.

A knot for the official occasion

Blond hair

Smooth your hair with the flat iron. Tie it up high. Remove the inner part. Turn the remaining part around the hair band. Leave the inner part free. Use a little hair gel to style the hairstyle.


Another solution for your date

The Adele Chignon

This node is often worn by pop star Adele. With this fashionable and contemporary hairstyle you will appear very elegant.

Divide the hair into two. The upper part is entangled by twisting two strands and tightening with hair needles. Turn the upper hair over and tighten it with hair lambs. Hide all hair ends under the knot. So your tasteful”Adele”Chignon is ready! The lower part bind with the hair band. After that, make two pieces out of the tail. Pull them tight and then tighten the tail tighter and twist the hair. Peel the remaining hair. Then turn the tail upside down and put it down to the hairline. Strengthen with hairclips. Then go to the top of the hair. Remove the hair from the tail and insert it under the lateral part of the hair.

7.Romantic Dutt

If you want to go back a bit, recall memories and imitate the look of your grandmother, you will fill the autumn with sentimental feelings and moments and introduce special romance and nostalgia into your everyday life. To achieve this effect, choose the following hairstyle:

The grandma look

Dutt to the Oktoberfest

Take the two side strands and wrap them. Then tie them with a hair band. Pull the hair tightly and plug it in (behind the hair band). Strengthen with hairclips. Combine with a retro dress and your radiance will reflect the melancholy and nostalgia of autumn.

8.A plug-in iris for frizzy hair

This stylish knot is actually an optical illusion. Collect your curls up and tie them with the hair gum. Then you need a hair band. It will look as if you have little braids on your head and that is super cool!

For frizzy hair, there are also chic hairstyles

A knot to curly hair

9.The Dirndl girlfriend

If you still have not chosen the hairstyle for the Oktoberfest, we have an offer for you. This is what we call”The Dirndl-Girlfriend”because it fits so well with your Oktoberfest-feeling. For this hairstyle you need a rubber band hair. Set the hair band of rubber band like a crown on the head. Then divide the hair into three – two small parts sideways and one large back. Tie the larger part deeply to the neck with the hair gum. Then turn the tail around and put it under the rubber band. Strengthen. Wrap the side strings and cling them to the knot. Their Bavarian appearance will surely excel.

Another hairstyle for Oktoberfest

A complicated Dutt

10. An inspiration from Grace Kelly

We offer you this hairstyle to arouse a nostalgic feeling for the past. This is in the style of Holliwood Star Grace Kelly and will complement your autumn look quite well.

The Grace Kelly look

Intricate knot

This is all about wrapping. The hair is divided into two and heavily wrapped. It is turned into small snails. Then firm with some hair lambs and the hair spray. A Holliwood pomp is already feeling with this hairstyle.

So make yourself at home with one of these hairstyles and have a lot of fun at the Oktoberfest and all autumn long!