The E-Swallow – Only (electric) Flies Is More Beautiful

E-swallow 1

[Advertisement] The swallow has known for many years to inspire. It moves young and old in an elegant way across the country’s streets and has always been synonymous with freedom, mobility and youth. After 1989 Germany was reunited, she became a cult scooter in Western Europe. Now it is back with new technology, modern design and an electric motor.

The retro scooter with environmental awareness – now discover the new e-swallow

The swallows are known as summer. This is true, because the almost 300,000 still active swallows are seen mainly in the warm months through the metropolis glide. While the Simson Schwalbe was still powered by a combustion engine, the E-Schwalbe of Govecs from summer 2017 rushes purely electrically to the adventures of everyday life.


From a prototype whose development was only hesitant, Thomas Grübel became a revision of a cult classic. Schwalbe goes e-moped, he thought himself and developed with the licensing rights for the name Schwalbe since 2014 the cult moped in cooperation with Bosch continuously further. The work is now complete and in the summer of 2017 the E-Schwalbe will conquer the market.

After 3 years in a new look available: The e-mop by Schwalbe

The optics have changed a lot. Although the special features such as the oversized tires, the ribbed rear part and the round headlights still exist, they now fit into the year 2017. The striking appearance should be an incentive for some car drivers to leave the car in the summer. The city will appreciate it.

The retro scooter is not only unique, but can also be perfectly customized with the Schwalbe accessories. These are available online at , But can also be purchased from September 2017 in the Berlin Store. The retro accessories make the ride with the swallow even more beautiful. Just climb up and enjoy the driving wagon stilecht.


Also the inner values ​​count – e-scooter with know-how

The technology, of course, despite all retro confessions, does not stop before the new swallow. You get a Bosch LCD display, LED headlights and all-weather all-weather tires from the Heidenau brand. The maximum speed of 45 km / h reaches it in only 5 seconds. The drive technology from Bosch makes it possible. The fun pass lasts up to 120 kilometers before the e-swallow has to return to the domestic outlet. After 1.5 hours the battery is 50% charged, completely sufficient for the way home. The charge takes about 4 hours. For the price of 5390.00 euros in the basic version, swallow friends get an e-scooter at the height of time.