Made-to-measure Folding Box For Personal Gifts

Everybody has faced the dilemma of having to give as a present for a birthday, as a welcome in the neighborhood or for another occasion. But not only the content of the gift is important. The beautiful packaging is also important and pleases the eye. We have a great idea for it, which can save you the hassle of looking for a suitable packaging, and that is a made-to-order folding box.

Folding box made to measure

A good gift box, big or small, is not always easy to find or to make. Especially for people who are not so skilled, this could be a problem. But there is a much simpler alternative: a folding box made to measure. It is important to specify in advance whether you need a standing or lying carton. In the first variant you can determine in which direction the lid should open and close. If you want to go backwards, you will not see any open edges. For the lying carton, the closures are with push-in tabs and these are distributed laterally.

The design is only your choice. This gives you the opportunity to customize the gift wrapping to the wishes of the gifted person. Just keep in mind that the box has a fixed back and front. Be careful when positioning the motif so that you will not see the adhesive seam that each box has. We have found a website where you can design and order the folding box yourself – , Take a look at them for more details.

Further design ideas

If you want to suggest the gift easily, you have the opportunity to choose a transparent window with a PVC film. For example, a folding box for chocolates looks so much nobler and invites you to try it out. If you want to give away a heavy product, such as: For example, if you have a wine bottle, you have the option of choosing an adhesive label for added security and ensuring that your gift will arrive undamaged.

Save yourself the time-consuming packaging search and opt for a folding box. Make it beautiful with color and a great font that expresses your congratulations and you will see a surprised and contented face in front of you.

We wish you lots of success and fun in the design of your carton!