Inauguration Gifts: What Should You Give For The New Arrival?

Moving into a new apartment is always a reason to celebrate! Your best friends have taken this step and invited you to their inauguration party. Tradition is to give the new inhabitants something! And now the question arises: What could be given and which inauguration gifts are appropriate?

In the past it was assumed that each of the guests brought the new homeowners something for the household – from food to larger gifts, such as household appliances. This is well received today, because it is a good way to help the new inhabitants in furnishing and furnishing the new house.

Today we would like to help you with practical tips and clever ideas for original inauguration gifts, which will guarantee for more joy.

The inauguration gifts are a sign of affection and respect

Ideas for inauguration gifts

umbrella stand

Regardless of the geographic location of the new house of your friends, the likelihood of rain is very low. Even if we assume that there is a completely rain-free place on our planet, we should remember that the strong sun also needs protection.

So if you are looking for a Stylish umbrella stands , You will notice not only the originality, but also the functionality of your gift. In addition, this gift can accommodate many different items and decorations. But this depends entirely on the imagination of the house owner.

Give something that the new house owners would like

Key holder as an inauguration gift

Key Wall Mount

Each of us at least remembers a hopeless key search! This will not escape the newcomers. Save a large part of the master and give a beautiful key holder for the wall.

At the same time, the gifts should have a decorative and useful value

Inauguration gifts and gifts to the detail

Newspaper Magazine Stand

The surrounding newspapers and magazines can be a sign that the inhabitants are creative personalities. But actually, they are only disordered. Help your acquaintances keep these press releases in one place by enjoying them with a newspaper stand.

wall decorations

Beautiful wall paintings are always appropriate and find space on each wall. Everyone is looking forward to a painting (in the popular style) but to make the whole more original and personal, you can have a portrait drawn. We also include the wall decoration wall Clocks , These are useful in every house. In an unusual shape or color, the wall clock will provide a great accent.

Personalize the gifts to move into the new house

Kitchen accessories and crockery as gifts to the detail

Dishes and kitchen accessories

You do not know the taste of the hosts so well? In this case you can always put on beautiful dishes. A coffee set (coffee cups, sugar and milk containers), serving dish set or a large salad bowl will never be superfluous. And if you can not assess the taste here too, you should be more up-to-date kitchen Accessories , Which makes the kitchen work easier and provides more color at the dining table.

household textile

Here you have a wide selection. We count simply as ideas: tablecloths, bed and day blankets, bath and kitchen towels, etc. To be right here, ask the house lady, in which colors the apartment is furnished, in order to select the textiles in appropriate nuances.

A symbolic gesture is also sufficient

Inauguration full of symbolism

Symbolic gift ideas

If you could not decide for anything, so far, it is better to go to the inauguration party with something small, like lucky charms, than with empty hands. A small elephant figure made of marble or a porcelain guinea pig symbolize happiness and wealth. The little witch on a broom, on the other hand, will drive the evil spirits out of the house.

Submit the inauguration gift full of love

House for new house

The classic choice

A houseplant in a beautiful pot is a classic gift to move in. This will bring freshness and vitality into the room. If you are looking for a clean plant, Which spread a positive energy in the house becomes.

More tips: If you are close to the family, and often sit together, you have certainly talked about how they are imagining the new apartment or what they are planning to buy. A desirable and usable gift is always received well and with great joy. This also shows that you are listening well and putting value on these people.

Another good idea is to choose a shared gift with the other invited guests, which has a higher value.

Think very well, which will make the newcomer happy. And from us, good luck continues in the search for the appropriate inauguration gift!

Further original and practical inauguration gifts as a source of inspiration

Diy gifts for the detail
Wine rack for winegrowers
A refreshing basket as a gift
A gift box as an inauguration gift

Foot mat as a gift
A help for the household
House shoes as a gift
Homemade coaster as an inauguration gift
Home furnishings as gifts
Combine several useful objects
Modern wall clocks as an inauguration gifts
Original and practical inauguration gifts
Full equipment on the cutlery
Wall paintings as a gift
Diy inauguration gifts with symbolism
Gift ideas to the detail