E- Schwalbe – Our Green Future

The E-Swallow symbolizes our pursuit of a green future. It provides better quality of life and in several respects. For one thing, we move quickly, safely and simply. We also protect our health and nature: the e-swallow does not pollute the air or our environment, but it also inspires the senses.

Lastly, it can be adapted to our personal lifestyle and taste.

E-scooters are available in online shops and in many stores. You can configure your cult moped yourself or buy it live in the Berlin shop of the company. But before you decide or advise, it would be helpful to get some background knowledge. Our article will help you with this project.


Various life situations and the e-swallow

The swallow enjoys wide popularity, and that is proven by many terms and positive comments among consumers. Also called e-moped or e-scooter, the elegant vehicles help many people from different generations on their way to a better living standard.

An e-scooter provides for more mobility in the family. This allows you to easily and quickly reach different near or far-away destinations. You will not need the family car and leave it in the garage.

Finally, an e-scooter is offered at fair prices. It is inexpensive, but it can also make your life a lot more interesting and exciting. The easy handling makes the journey possible for different generations. Especially in small towns, you reduce the need for other means of transport to a minimum.

An e-moped is very suitable for trips in the nature. They move quickly to the desired destination. This allows you to drive on different quality roads. During your ride with the swallow you will not burden anyone with noise or exhaust fumes.

Retro scooter


Customize the e-moped to your own taste

There are classic and modern models of the E-Roller. For example, cult moped and retro scooters are very popular and broadly discussed on the Internet. If you are inspired by it, you can find a model that suits your personal preferences.

In addition, you have the opportunity to purchase versatile e-accessories. The Schwalbe accessories will help you. They are also available in different styles. Retro accessories are suitable to the corresponding, but also to the modern e-scooters.

Thanks to these swallow accessories and their variety of colors and other features, everyone can make a tailor-made look.

Cult moped in yellow

What comes with the modern swallow

Whether it’s a modern model or a retro swallow, your choice must be very topical in some respects. You have to be very familiar with the latest standards. The modern swallows are electronic, thus also environmentally friendly. They are characterized by an excellent dynamic. This includes different driving modes, as well as fast reaching a high speed.

Other important factors are the strength of the batteries. In this respect an e-swallow cuts very well and this is due to the lithium ions. Furthermore, the drive must be steep and also in this respect you get with an E-Schwalbe the best thing on the market.

Finally, a modern electric swallow should be easily recharged at the usual cans. Keep all these criteria in mind while you select your e-scooter. The knowledge will help you to distinguish the competent from the not so trustworthy consultant. Certainly, time and resources will be rewarded by better quality of life and great fun after shopping.

More popular e-moped models

Classic black
An e-roller that fits the personal style

E-Schwalbe – Accessories

E-scooter helmet
Chic socks for the ride with an e roller

Socks suitable for the ride with the e-swallow