Delicious Presents For Christmas

Personal gifts are the highlight under every Christmas tree. Who does not belong to the do-it-yourselfers, can not win anything from the knitting and neither Bastelfan is, here are some delicious gift ideas for Christmas.

Christmas Presents: Sweet presents for those with a sweet tooth

Christmas present ideas for Christmas presents

A packet of homemade chocolates is not only a delicious Christmas present, but also quite decorative.

Often it is like this: The first private Christmas bakeries open their bakeries in November. The consequence is that the whole Advent season over cookie can be eaten. For most of you, please stop with cinnamon stars, vanilla kipper and gingerbread. But what other sweet option is there? Chocolates!

Chocolates are in fashion all year round, and after Christmas, they like to take a break from cookies and co. In the Naschkiste. The chocolates production, however, shy away from many. Too elaborate is the production, too filigree must be worked – that is the common prejudice. In reality, however, anyone with the right products and the right equipment for chocolates baker become. With chocolaty hollow bodies, creamy filling, refined decoration and a pretty packaging, chocolates under the Christmas tree are a gift that will inspire excitement.

Unusual marmalade mixes

christmas jam making christmas gifts christmas presents yourself

Strawberry and cherry jam are the classics. The combination of cucumber and vanilla is unusual, but equally delicious.

Many people eat a jam bread for breakfast every day. Popular are the classics such as strawberry or cherry jam. If you want to give a jam-friend with something homemade, you can put on Christmas for a very unusual mix.

A little courage requires that Cucumbers and vanilla jam Made from cucumbers, a vanilla pod and jelly sugar. Friends of delicious tea enjoyment may embark on the adventure, Jasmine Tea jam to test. This is made from water, ginger, jasmine leaves, pectin, lemon juice and sugar. Especially pretty Rose petals jam because she looks with her pink color like a sweet girl’s dream. This jam is made from rose petals, water, lemons, gelling and vanilla sugar.

If you prefer purple instead of point, you should violet jam made of violets, powdered sugar, lemon and water. Lilac jam Visually, however, is usually unspectacular, but then convinces with a taste of water, lilac, white wine, lemon and Gelierzucker. Coffee junkies are sure to enjoy this daring mix: coffee jam is made from sugar, apple juice, coffee and water. Detailed lists of ingredients for these recipes and preparation instructions are available here ,

Now it’s hearty: spice blends with classic and exotic flair

Christmas presents Christmas presents to eat

Making spice mixtures yourself is very much in vogue. Anyone who combines herbs and spices cleverly and packs them in a decorative glass has a gift for those who do not like sweet treats.

Making spice blends yourself is absolutely trendy. Because only those who put together the individual components of the spice mixtures, also know exactly what is hidden in the spice jar. Tip: If you have a herb garden, you can add spice mixtures already after the season of herbs, festively wrap them on Christmas and put your loved ones down the Christmas tree.

How easy it can be, shows a look at the recipe. herbs of Provence for example, are a mixture of basil, thyme, savory, rosemary and oregano. To the so-called fines herbes The garden classics include chervil, tarragon, parsley and chives. The Ticino herbal mixture It consists of coriander, marjoram, pepper, celery, basil, oregano, paprika, rosemary, onions and mushrooms. A feeling of vacation comes with the Tuscan herbal mixture consisting of marjoram, thyme, sage, rosemary and oregano.

It becomes more exotic with a mixture of pepper, salt, onions, paprika, bay leaf, garlic, chilli, thyme, oregano and parsley, which together form one Chimichurri spice mix which is served in Argentina in a kind of pesto to many dishes. zahtar is served in North Africa, Turkey and the Middle East. It contains salt, sumac, lime peel, savory, basil, marjoram, thyme and sesame seeds.

Tip: These spice mixtures and more can be given away in a decorative glass. However, it is important that all ingredients have the same moisture content. The easiest way is to mix the described mixtures from a portfolio of dried herbs. That is how they last the longest.

Christmas presents: Even drinks can be given away as a gift

Giving away a bottle of wine or schnapps is usually not very imaginative. But here, too, the do-it-yourself community has a very long list of recipes. From oranges, vodka and sugar can be a particularly delicious Orange liqueur create that is quite durable. Note : The liqueurs made with grain, vodka and other clear schnapps varieties are more durable than the creamy variants, whose recipes include milk and cream.

DIY Christmas presents delicious Christmas presents

Liqueurs and lemonades are a great gift for young and old – and look really smart in smart bottles.

Tip: Alcoholic gifts are only good if no children celebrate. They certainly want to try as well as adults and then be disappointed because they are not allowed to. When children celebrate, they can also make their own lemonade as a replacement. From lemons, sugar and water, this is quickly created – and tastes at least as delicious as alcoholic adult gifts.

Original Christmas presents to enjoy

delicious christmas presents edible christmas presents
last minute christmas presents diy christmas present

Make sure you have a great treat with delicious Christmas presents

Edible Christmas presents DIY Christmas gifts

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