Raised The Bed And Make The Garden More Formal – So It Goes!

If one reads articles and other materials on the subject of”raised-bed mooring”, the practical aspect pushes itself to the fore. This kind of gardening makes the maintenance around the known plants much easier. For hobby gardeners the chances of success have already increased in the first seasons. Raised beds are chosen by many house residents for aesthetic reasons. This makes it much easier for us to achieve a more formal and residential character in the garden. This trend is of great importance at the moment.

Raised bed in minimalistic style fits perfectly to the modern front garden

Gray color steps modern

The matching materials for the raised-bed creation

Many materials are suitable for the formal and residential garden design with raised beds. These constructions can be made of stone or wood. Metal and plastic are other good options. Wood and stone are considered to be more upscale and thus you simply reach a living character.

However, if you place metal and plastic correctly in the scene, they also look modern and extremely high.

The following examples serve as inspiration in this respect. Most of them are 2017 super-modern.

Simple material can be refined by a color

Metal blue

Apply a simple, but colored raised bed

The plastic upholstery is not a particularly environmentally friendly choice. Unless you want to use them again. The plastic can easily be painted in different shades. The colorful and modern color accents in the neutral garden are very modern in 2017. There are nuances, which are not too glaring, but nevertheless conspicuous, very modern. Many variants of green and blue are preferred in this respect.

Wood and stone can also be transformed by color.

A raised bed can contribute to the homely character of the garden

Noble wood upholstery

Raised bed for cozy atmosphere?

We have just mentioned the habitual character of the modern garden. The materials we use for wicker furniture for the garden can be used just as well for the raised-bed frame. Such are the thin wooden sticks, rattan and other natural materials.

This makes your garden design extremely formal. Suitable for these would be the raised beds for the English rustic and also for the colonial, or world-style.

Raised beds made of stone look very classic

Oval shape harmony in the garden

The stone beds have a timeless appearance

The raised beds made of stone ensure a timeless appearance in your garden. Depending on processing and shape, such designs can ideally be enrolled in many different styles. For the formal look we would recommend bricks, sandstone or stone tiles.

Metal and wood are often combined in modern raised beds

Metal and wood

Modern and formal garden design with metal raised beds

The raised beds made of metal, and more concrete made of stainless steel are super hip. They are stable and long lasting. Modern garden designs can be extended wonderfully thanks to metal raised beds.

Through raised beds you can give the garden an interesting structure

Wood flooring

Structure the garden

The raised beds are a wonderful opportunity to structure the garden better. The well thought-out plans and structures immediately reach a formal and thus upscale look. This is not only important for the harmonious appearance. Depending on how you place a raised bed, you can secure privacy and privacy.

The lounges make this backyard more comfortable

Background and at the same time practical

Provide the best shape

Modern are the geometric statements in the garden. Round, oval or triangular raised beds give the whole a deeper meaning and make the stay in the garden special for each visitor. Consider whether this approach is not exactly the right thing in your case.

Thanks to raised beds you can enrich the dimensions of the garden

Natural stone different levels

Go playfully with the levels

The height of the raised beds is also important for the formality of the garden design. This concerns both the frame construction and the plants used. Higher these should lie, the sun most need and the gradation down would have to be done according to the reverse criterion.

The raised beds here: neutral in color, varied in height

White stone raised bed

Combinations of shapes and materials

The combinations of shapes and materials have great potential for gardening with raised beds. This creates different levels, as well as a wealth of textures. Be sure to consider this strategy.

Bunk beds in the natural garden

High bed in the natural garden

Do not forget the practical side of the raised bed

Finally, you should achieve a balance between the practical and the aesthetic aspects when using the raised bed. These should visually expand the living space and complement it from a functional point of view.

Balance is also recommended with regard to the distribution of the plant species: Vegetables and other edible plants would have to be laid rather to the house and courtyard. The beautiful flowering garden flowers would have to make the front garden more beautiful and the general appearance from the point of view of the past.

No matter how you proceed, you can make gardening more palpable and thus more formal. The tips and ideas help to emphasize this trend even further.

Noble appearance of wood
High bed metal
Wood simple upscale stylistic effect
Wood and green
Wood unprocessed
Interesting forms
Interesting geometry balance
Interesting wood-shaped plants