Prepare The Courtyard For The Summer: Here Are The Basic Rules

Regardless of its design and use, the courtyard in front of our house is a popular place for spring and summer. Find as much time as possible for his preparation! So you can enjoy this location in summer. There is much to do in the courtyard, but certain things should be more important than others. The rules that will ensure that you have a pleasant time in the courtyard in the most beautiful seasons of the year, we list in the next lines.

The simple lines dominate in the courtyard design

fire in the courtyard great design

Introduce original shapes

The outdoor area is currently residential and is very reminiscent of the interior. He serves as an extension of this. So the clear forms and the seamless appearance dominate. Within this design language, however, you should leave room for surprising elements. Such would be the artful combination of geometric shapes , the playful handling of the measurements, the original spatial arrangement.

That alone makes the courtyard modern and individual at the same time.

The simple materials used here are very popular in the courtyard design

garden courtyard diy table

Playful handling of the vertical and horizontal

We continue the theme of playful ideas within a minimalist concept. A very skilful handling of these would be the artful approach when using different vertical and horizontal lines. This could create interesting perspectives and zoning. Furthermore, it is possible to set up storage and seating areas at different levels.

Raised beds often manage to structure the exterior

raised beds in the courtyard great decor

The different textures

For a change in the courtyard you can also work with different textures. Especially original in this respect can be the combination of artificial and natural materials. The diversity of the textures also contributes significantly to the planting. In the modern garden and courtyard design she brings everything else into the background. It must, so to speak, be conceptually and aesthetically subordinate to the functional surfaces. But the garden plants remain a popular method of decoration, especially when it comes to the use of sculptural plants.

Example of homely furniture that would also look good indoors

courtyard homey facility

Use of raised beds

Let’s stay with the subject of plants. In the modern courtyard, the raised beds are a practically obligatory part of the landscape. First, plant care is much easier there than in a standard garden bed. In addition, the raised beds with their geometric shapes contribute to the contemporary appearance of your courtyard. The use of modern materials would make this effect even stronger.

By structuring you should make the most of your courtyard

Furniture made of natural materials courtyard

Vertical garden design

Do you have a very small courtyard? This one can definitely immerse in green plants, without losing too much tread. This works quite simply through the use of vertical garden facilities. As a base, you can use the walls of the exterior facade or the fence. The effort for the vertical garden design is slightly larger, but the fabulous modern effect makes all the effort quite worthwhile.

An example of a vertical garden that can wonderfully spice up the whole room

oriental mood in the courtyard

Comfortable pieces of furniture

We would like to point out the following again: The comfortable furniture made of robust and durable materials for the courtyard can now be found at good prices in many different variations. In other words, the comfortable comfort in the outdoor area can be much easier for you than ever before. Put the living room outside!

Stone and green areas are the ones that make up the rhythm of the interior design

beautiful green areas in the courtyard

Effectively use every corner

Once you have the overall concept for the inner courtyard, you can make it practically perfect by making one or the other detail. Follow the same principles that apply indoors. A tricky corner or wall niche can be put to practical use with bespoke pieces of furniture and additional storage or storage space! Likewise, the rooms are even more individual and original through such solutions!
Now, the beautiful design of the courtyard does not seem to be that difficult, right? So we wish you a lot of fun with the design and draw more inspiration from the following examples.

Concrete and wood make a great contrast here

vertical and horizontal lines courtyard

The blue-green textiles complement the exotic mood here

homely furniture in the courtyard

A well thought-out seating area is enough to make a courtyard look particularly charming

accent wall of wood courtyard

The wooden benches are a popular idea in the courtyard design

comfortable seating courtyard

Classic shapes and lines were combined within this design concept

transparent sitting area courtyard
great raised bed in the courtyard
glass entanglement courtyard

The interior designs with contrasts of natural colors are very popular

Courtyard accent with a vase on a brown table
Courtyard DIY modern design
courtyard exotic plants great ideas

Even with colorful patterned or with classic-looking tiles, you can make the courtyard great

courtyard exotic square it fire
courtyard wood walls and floor

Minimalist multifunctional furniture is ideal for interior design

Courtyard white wicker furniture and green stool
Courtyard several levels
Courtyard metal and marble table

Even on a small area, you can combine various architectural elements to make your courtyard unique

Courtyard with a staircase
Courtyard with many seating
Courtyard Round Courtyard Idea

The rough aesthetics of industrial materials are preferred in many courtyards

Courtyard beautiful plants frame
Asian courtyard design with water and gravel
Patio seat set in the corner

The natural forms are repeated in the ornaments of this furniture for the courtyard

Courtyard sitting area made of metal
Courtyard seating idea
Courtyard playground with swings

Blue is one of the most up-to-date interior design colors

Courtyard table and seat set
Courtyard great with recliner accents in orange
courtyard great residential landscape green blue

The white seating furniture creates an invigorating contrast to the green surroundings here

Courtyard white furniture
Courtyard homely design

Courtyard summery mood

Another fabulous example of minimalist patio design

Courtyard wicker furniture idea
comfortable table design and interior decoration in the courtyard
long dining table courtyard

The good structuring is always important if you want to spread a pleasant atmosphere in the courtyard

Scouting shots for Deyong Residence
beautiful corner under the sun in the courtyard
sitting area with fire court yard

The great furniture can serve as an accent

Stone and precious metal courtyard
great reclining furniture in a courtyard
great levels and gravel in the courtyard

If you choose modern colors for the raised beds, the entire inner courtyard will look more modern

great raised court courtyard
lush plants in the courtyard
various boards and beams courtyard