Greening Paving Joints Instead Of Cleaning Them

Do you have paved paths in the garden? Yes! Then you know how annoying it is to repeatedly clean the paving joints from weeds. Spare yourself from the stress of permanently getting down on your knees and scratching the joints. There is a simpler and more beautiful alternative to avoiding this tedious scratching, and it is greening pavement joints. We give you some tips and suitable plants, which are ideal for the greening of the joints.

Greening pavement joints and provide a contrast

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Prepare the paving joints for greening

The preparation The joints are actually the hardest part of the job. First, you should go to your knees again and pull out the fixed weed. However, plucking out is often not enough, because often plants with deep and long roots settle between the paving joints.

For this, some methods and tools can make your job easier. You can use various tools such as a spike, scratches, knife blade or other sharp tools to dig out joints.

Our tip: In this task, the kneecaps are very stressed. Put some soft or knee pads underneath. Frequent breaks to stretch or stretch will do you good. Other means that can help the weed fight are the electric grout cleaners, high pressure cleaners and flame retardants. However, these are not to be found in every house and also relatively expensive to buy. Renting them in the professional field is an alternative.

Scrape pavement joints deep and destroy weeds

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The earth: Now we come to fill the joints with earth. Use sandy, well drained and loose soil. In the specialist shop, this earth is to be found under the name Dachgartenerde. Do not be sparing with it. Sprinkle well over the paving joints and return.

The implantation: In order for the planting of the joints to succeed, they must not be too narrow. The heart of the plants should be well protected in between. Special seed mixes that contain herbs and small-sized, resilient green plants are suitable for a width of less than 2 centimeters. Flat upholstery is suitable for wider pavement joints. Before inserting the root ball should be well watered. If these are too big, you can cut them with a smooth, sharp cut.

What should you plant?

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Suitable groundcover

As you might expect, most joint plants are not tread-proof. An exception are the brown and the Roman chamomile. The foliage of the second exudes even a pleasant apple smell on entering. But these plants should not be planted in intensive paths. Furthermore, various types of thyme are suitable as greening for this purpose and are also resistant to certain extent. These are easy-care, require little nutrients and can tolerate drought.

The pennywort shows its best side

Apply pennywort pavement joints garden paths

The evergreen star moss is dotted with many small, white flowers in spring / summer. Persistently green are still stonecrop, house root and Katzenpfötchen. Depending on the taste and garden style you can grow all these mixed together or only stay with one variety. Both look just gorgeous. Furthermore, the sedum feels comfortable in pavement joints. Most sedum species remain resistant to treading and withstand severe conditions.

Barbed sprigs and pennywort are just as beautiful and provide a fresh green. You can find more great perennial plants here ,

A pruning is occasionally required

The care afterwards

Regular watering is required in the first few weeks after sowing or planting. After that, care is no longer required except occasional pruning.

Now we let you to convince yourself of the result of the work done and to be inspired by our picture gallery of green paved joints.

A nice sight and less work

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Prepare everything perfectly for sowing

framing gardening pavement garden landscaping

Choose a beautiful and easy-care plant species for the purpose

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Cat paw ( antennaria) as a joint filler

katzenpfötchen paving joints gardening tips

A sight that simply inspires!

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Domestic species are perfect for the joints

huaswurz paving joints green garden ideas

The ground covers spread quickly

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Design the garden paths full of small flowers

Paving joints greening garden ideas and tips

Choose small plants

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Roman chamomile ( Chamaemelum nobile) for the paving joints

roman chamomile pavement green garden paths

The blooming star moss

sternmoos pavement greenery landscaping ideas

A nice idea with thyme

thyme species pavement green garden paths
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