70 Pictures And Five Basic Tips On The Theme “design The Front Garden”

The question of how we shape the front garden is discussed broadly and widely on the basis of the manifold aspects. As you click through the information, you can lose the guide. A clear concept is needed for this matter. Without this, even the most expensive and elaborate garden is chaotic. As a result, his potential is not exhausted.

In the following we will formulate five tips for your garden design and discuss them in more detail. So we hope that you will remember the most important steps of the successful front garden design. Adhere to the following basic rules, you can achieve even more: your outside area will have an up-to-date and professional design regardless of the trends.

The modern front garden design extends the interior

Minimalist with luxury elements

The modern aspects we need to consider when we design the front garden

Do not confuse the term”functional”with”practical”. By this we mean that the front garden design meets your overall living concept. So set your own priorities and follow this. Do you need lush green plants to relax completely?

Then could A natural garden With a small, comfortable seating corner for you to be just the thing.

But if you prefer to enjoy your everyday life outside in the summer, then invest in the design of a Fully functional outdoor kitchen , An external living area would also be possible. Cobination of various functional zones is also very common.

The garden is suitable for all year round

Garden for the whole year

The garden and outdoor enjoyment are important all year round. You must never ignore them when you design your front garden. The professional designers of the modern living area came to this conclusion. Front garden design is considered modern when you follow this principle. The possible strategies are many. They may be e.g. Evergreen plants. Some shrubbery, small trees or the grape vines in the winter Also very nice. A third example would be the front garden design with raised beds. Thanks to their material and structure, you can beautify the outdoor area even in the winter season. For this time of the year, even larger constructions, e.g. Pergola or covered terraces super suitably.

The natural materials are also of great importance in modern front garden design

Green on green accents natural materials

The appropriate materials

With each style, you have a wider choice of materials for the front garden design. Wood, stone, gravel are among the most widely used. They are very important from a decorative point of view. Inquire about the various possibilities to achieve the best possible visual effect.

Gravel is a popular material in the front garden design and from this one creates many great details

Details at the front garden with gravel

What is inside is also true outside!

The last point in the development of our subject is at the same time a kind of summary. In the modern garden design the methods of the interior design are adopted. Typically, e.g. The division into zones, the minimalistic appearance, the use of accents. Finally, the garden is regarded as an integral part of the residential area.

Learn more about the gravel design from the following video:

Asian style front garden design
Pray with different plants
Three lines front garden design
Exotic front garden design
Geometry and exoticism
Interesting shielding
More interesting ground plan garden design
Clear structure harmony and order
Minimalism inside and outside
Modern front garden design extension of the living space
Modern front garden design minimalist
To the outside open Vprgartengestaltung
Natural garden with clear zoning
Only lawns and trees super succeeded
Round element dominates harmony
Simple tradition in keeping with the house and living
Floating elements characterize the front garden
Summer enjoyment
Spiral simple front garden design effect
Different levels of heights and textures
Various stages in the front garden
Various vertical levels front garden design
Various zones on the ground visible
Front garden design with gravel and grass
Pre-design stage light
Outside calm

the-way-flank-in-front yard

Square beetles with exotic green
Exotic accents front garden
Exotic trees minimalistic garden design
Exotic and vaulted lines
Color textures niveaus front yard
Bush hedges in the front garden
Vaulted lines front garden
Greenery and neutral in the front garden
Bright colors in the front garden
Bright colors and green in the front garden design
Green line trim front yard
House front garden
Wood stone green front garden
Gravel and natural stone in the front garden
Several colors in front garden design
Minimalist and effective front garden
Minimalistic and sculptural front garden
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Neutral front garden design with colors

neutral-with-a-accent flash-

Green garden several green textures
Rest and sitting area front yard
Round lines front garden design

chess-natural stone-race-in-front yard

Beautifully textured beds
Swimming pool front garden
stone-and-white-accent furniture
Symmetry gardening
Various textures and patterns front garden
Many colors front garden
Colored and colorful
Lots of space in the front garden
Garden various levels of beds
Water source front garden design
Front garden design formal