33 Ideas For Your Perfect Sun Protection

The latest trends in sun protection on terraces and verandas

Soon comes the summer and we would like to suggest you 33 ideas for the perfect sun protection. The bright sun could also be dangerous to our skin and body. That is why we have selected the latest designs of various types of reliable sun protection alternatives, which are particularly modern for 2017.


Enjoy a real holiday feeling with the help of the modern garden swaying solar sail. Very often, homeowners opt for the alternative of the classic sunshade. As a rule, the solar sails are regarded as a practical and, above all, optical solution for modern and flexible sun protection. The shapes and sizes are very diverse and you have the possibility to choose a personalized product. The airy and modern sun protection can also be a professional solution, equipped with motor support.

The solar sail is a modern and airy solution

For example for the sun sail design

The advantage of this is that the sensors detect wind strength and rain and protect against possible damage. For the solar sail, however, you should have more space available, because its area is larger than a sun screen. But the advantage of this is that the sun sail does not occupy a footprint and is very wind stable when it is fastened.


The term awning is derived from the French word for the nobility, Marquise. The awnings can be different depending on the type and equipment. As a rule, the frame structures are attached to an object with a cover and offer perfect sun protection. There are numerous variants, colors and designs of awnings. But the species are basically only three, the corresponding Roll awnings, movable fixed awnings and those which can not be changed.

The color palette of the awnings is very extensive

Garden design and ideas

This kind of sun protection is also perfect as a rain protection and therefore you have the chance to be more independent of the weather. The awnings are very stable and very robust. The awnings can also be used not only for your garden design, but also as sun terraces. Their advantage is that they are also suitable for extremely large surfaces.

You can also use the awnings for extremely large areas

Garden design and ideas 1


This alternative comes into play when you are sitting outdoors in the summer and enjoying the free time in the shade under a parasol. The umbrellas offer a large amount of shade, where you can have a good time with the family at the lunch table.

Very popular are currently the designer sunshades, which are equipped with a very elegant shape. They shadow entire parts of the garden and at the same time look outstanding and stylish. Compared to the solar sail, the sunshades are not firmly installed and provide a great deal of flexibility. With a parasol in your home garden, you will surely enjoy the summer to the fullest.

The design and the optics play a great but not a decisive role

Design sunshades sun protection

As a rule, the appearance of the sunshade is not the top priority, but the good and protective shade. The reason for this is that the UV irradiation is very intense and attacks the human skin very strongly.

Position the sunshade strategically in your garden

Garden design sunscreen color gray


A garden pavilion offers not only adequate protection against the sun but also rain. It is also a good place to sunbathe at the campsite because you can easily place the garden pavilion there. Very popular are the pavilions during the organization of parties or family gatherings. The pavilions Guarantee your garden furniture a shady place, but also a dry when a rain shower surprised you.

The barbecue parties will look different with pavilions

Pavillon gardening sun protection

The awnings are available in many colors and shapes

Awning in color green

3D concept for perfect sun protection

3d concept sun protection

Choose your favorite color!

Types and ideas for awnings

Harmony and comfort in one

Brown gardening sun protection

The pavilions ensure complete relaxation

Design pavilion garden design

The shape of modern garden design is in your hands

Family house with sunsail

The family meeting will be unforgettable with the garden pavilion

Garden design pavilion and sun protection

Awnings and garden sets are particularly important for the overall image of the garden

Garden design sun protection awnings

Enjoy the barbecue parties under the sun sail

Garden design sun sail

The color of the year Greenery

Green awning as sun protection

Aerial view from the solar sail with engine support

Air view sun protection garden design

Extra large awning for your garden

Awnings on both sides garden design designs

Pure relaxation on the porch

Awnings and ideas for garden

Enjoy the summer with the appropriate sun protection

Modern garden design with sun protection

White design of a garden pavilion

Pavillon sun protection

Be practical and flexible

Sunscreen for the perfect garden

Sun protection for the whole family

Sunbed for the whole family

Neutral garden designs are very luxurious

Pavillon sun protection garden design

The sunshade should match your garden design

Sunshade types and ideas

You can shadow extremely large surfaces

Sun protection for your home

The sun sail is perfect for garden sets

Sun protection garden design

Luxury and functionality in one

Sun protection ideas for the garden

Also on the playground is a sun sail a must

Sun sail for the whole family

Playground equipment and sun protection

The sun sails are very easy to position

Sunsail for garden design

Enjoy the shade on your terrace

Sunsail with motor system

Awnings look very soothing and stylish

White awning sun protection