The Classic In Garden Design – Polygonal Plates

Every garden owner wants a stable and at the same time good-looking flooring in the garden, which provides for a welcoming outdoor environment. The colorful variety of polygonal plates is the best solution when it comes to individualized garden design.

Polygonal panels are known in the garden design as breaking panels, which are used for terrace and garden coverings, but also as decoration. The term polygonal comes from ancient Greek and means polygonal form. The broken stones create an irregular and different design compared to traditional designs of the garden paths. A large selection of different stone types plays an important role for every masterly terrace design. For strongly angled surfaces we recommend the granite panels, which are light and dark gray. Other stone types are quartzite, slate or marble, which are extremely easy to clean and practical for terraces or garden paths.

A different and irregular garden design

Garden path made of polygonal plates

The choice of the perfect plates for you depends on many factors. In the first place, the design is an important point for personalizing. Choose a suitable color palette for your garden design, as these types of floor coverings ensure a natural look in the garden. Combine the color of the facade with the material and color selection of the polygonal panels and the beautiful end result is guaranteed.

The following paragraph shows which variant could be perfect for you.

Polygonal plates can be laid very easily

Granite slabs assembly house

Polygonal plates made of quartzite

For the different surfaces there are the matching plates. In the outdoor area it is recommended to lay a flooring of quartzite. The reason for this is that these plates are gritty with bruchnut edges. Very often they are used as terraces, because the look creates a welcoming atmosphere. The color selection is very large and the most popular colors are yellow, brown and dark gray. An important advantage of this type of flooring is that it can also be used for pool areas. A combination of quartzite and decking We can only recommend. Among the most popular quartzites are the Brazilian products, which offer a non-slip surface.

Quartzites are perfect for pool areas

Polygonal plates suitable for pool areas

Polygonal plates of marble

Marble tiles are not only an alternative for outdoor use but also for indoor use. The polished look can be seen very often in the bathroom, but in the exterior there is the danger of a great color loss when it comes to the dark nuances of the marble. For this reason many gardeners choose white plates, which are suitable for garden paths and allow a good running feeling.

Marble is the classic in interior and exterior design

Marble polygonal plates

Polygonal plates of granite

Poligonal slabs of granite are considered a must for every front garden. The classic has many advantages, which are decisive when choosing the right flooring. More specifically, the plates provide an inexpensive purchase. Apart from that, granite convinces with luxurious style and high quality. The irregular shapes are perfect for your front garden. The flooring of granite can be used with palisades combine.

Luxurious and welcoming atmosphere

Polygonal plates of granite garden
Garden path made of polygonal plates-self-laying

Marble design polygonal panels

Polygonal plates of marble

Polygonal panels made of quarzite front garden

Polygonal plates in detail

Polygonal plates in gray
Polygonal plates without mounting
Pool area with polygonal plates of quarzit
Self-laying polygonal plates
Stylish polygonal plates of granite
Terraced polygonal panels
Garden with polygonal slabs